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A sad story

Sun Dec 31, 2017 1:45 am
I'll tell you my sad story, almost 3 years ago (maybe less) Before SSL (anniversary dungeon) I won a pendant Marítimo (Guarda) in the lottery at that time there were no signs of T5, T6 and much less T7. My mistake when vacating my Baul by mistake, I discard it and although I realize without a doubt, I do not worry too much, since it was not nor is it a very strange element. The days passed and SSL entered that dungeon T4 and was pending for all classes, I spent 40 pda of fatigue to get the earring I had lost and it never came out. It was important because it did not occupy it, it did not have Atman or it was an oracle ... It was also something that came out in lotteries and in dungeons like IDL and Srl. So I spent the months and years when I arrived at Dungeons and open with 10,000 chests Gold and the earring were conspicuous by their absence, more months passed, the atman 10 won, I became an oracle and there were no signs of the pending guard. .. I won around 400 earrings Blood Seeker (DPS) But never the one I occupied, Pjs with less than 3 months won those earrings and became legendary and I was stuck in 10 atman without pendant. As soon as I set out to tell Gameloft the story to see if he understood and they started investigating, they did, but according to them they found no record of winning that earring 3 years ago -_- So sad
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