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Wed Feb 21, 2018 11:53 am
I am currently looking for a guild and i hope i get a nice one. Here i an application for it.
Platform: IOS (I-pad) 
In-game Name: volhero
Level: 38
Previous MOBA Experience: I used to play Mobile Legends. But now i play HOC
Country: India
Timezone: Indian standard time
Favorite Class(es): Mage and Fighter
Favorite Hero(es):-
1) Kurzdor
2) Debronee
3) Frostzel
4) Lunasa
5) Persephone
Owned Hero(es):-
1) Qiu Yuelan
2) Kurzdor
3) Dailiana
4) Evistix
5) Aria Eagleheart
6) Jombraa
7) Laurelai
8) Balondis
9) Erefern
10) Guervus
11) Kirasath
12) Rock Fist
13) King Reega
14) Lathier
15) Migrove
16) Ihaerlryna
Ambition: I love strategic games. HOC was one of them and i love this game. Sometimes i play it for killing time and sometimes for doing some strategic war. So i want to be one of the top players in my country.
Additional Information: I can play from 4 to 5 pm from Monday to Friday and 3 to 5 pm on weekends according to my timezone or it depends on the situation if i can play or not.
That's it this my application. Please recruit me!
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