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Enlist your Guild in the first International Series Winter Edition 2016!
Enlisting will end on January 13th so be sure to enroll and get ready to battle against the best HOC teams in the world!
Not sure how to enlist your Guild? Follow the requirements and steps below!
Basic requirements
  • The team members should be level 40 and iOS users.
  • They should have at least 16 heroes and 1600 rank points in the season 5.
  • They should be in the same guild.
  • They should be above 13 years old.
Step 1. Log in.
  • Click the login button and input your in-game name, server and platform.
  • Complete the form and remember your password. It is the one that will be used for you to log in on the website.
  • At this point, an activation code is sent in your in-game mailbox. Please keep this activation code very carefully. 
  • Log in to the website by using your in-game name and the password you created for the website. 
  • In the popup that appears right after you can input your activation code, the one received in your in-game mailbox. 
  • You now should be successfully logged in. 
  • The “forgot password” function will allow you to reset your website’s password! The activation code is sent once so don’t lose it!
Step 2. Team enrollment.
  • After you are successfully logged in, you can access the enrollment page.
  • Go to “ESPORTS” in the top menu. Scroll down to select the server you are in.
  • Click on enroll. Anyone can enlist their Guild.
  • Your guild name is automatically detected as well as the compatible members from your guild.
  • You can now fulfill the information requested to enroll your team.
  • The in-game names of your compatible members are accessible in the corresponding box by using the dropdown menu.
  • It is not mandatory for the team members to be logged to the website.
  • If you recently added team members in your guild, please be aware that there is a 24h delay for our database to update this information. Therefore, newly added members are likely to not be visible if you haven’t waited this period. 
  • Once all the information are present and correct, you can submit your enrollment. 
  • The captain will receive an email that will recap all the information.
  • The team members will receive an email to accept the enrollment.
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