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Fri Mar 25, 2016 1:08 pm
·  How can I add allies?
First, enter the World Map by tapping the Fight icon on the lower-right corner of the screen. Then, you can add an ally by tapping on someone on the map and selecting the ADD ALLY option.
·  Why can't I see my ally on the World Map?
Your ally will be automatically displayed on the World Map in the Alliance section as an Ally. If you do not see all of your allies, check your connection.
·  What should I do when my game freezes or crashes every time I start it and I cannot tap anything?
This can happen when the game is launched and it is checking for Internet access. Please try disabling your Internet connection (or putting the device in Airplane Mode) and starting the game again. If this doesn't help, shut down the device for 2 minutes and then re-launch the game without enabling your Internet connection.
·  Some of my teammates were banned. What can I do?
Please note that we can communicate with the affected players directly, so if any of your teammates get banned, please advise them to contact us from within the game.
·  Why have my Attack/Defense points dropped?
With the latest update, the previous Attack/Defense points of your base have been recalculated according to the amount of Attack/Defense buildings placed in your base.
·  How do I activate HQ Protection?
HQ Protection is activated when the HQ is completely destroyed. The protection can be purchased from the shop. A protected player can't be attacked by other players. The protection expires when the protected player attacks other players or when the timer expires.
·  How do I visit an ally's base?
Go to the World Map by tapping the Fight icon in the lower-right corner of the screen. Your allies will be displayed on the map in the Alliance section. Tapping an ally's base will bring up two options: "Visit" or "Invade".
·  How can I increase my Hearts?
Hearts are entirely related to your social activity. Adding friends and aiding their bases will increase your Hearts. You can also receive Hearts from some quests.
·  How does the number of allies influence Hearts?
Having more allies means more allies you can visit each day, which means more Hearts and more free gifts. The more allies you have, the faster you can increase your Hearts by aiding their bases.
·  How do I attack an ally?
When on the World Map, tap on an ally's avatar and then tap the Invade icon. Then pick a terrain type.
·  What is the Special Operations building?
The Special Operations building allows you to search for more powerful opponents in order to challenge them and earn greater coin and Gold Star rewards.
·  How do I receive gifts?
You will receive a notification in the HQ and then you can claim your gift.
·  How do I adjust the Sound Effects and Music?
Access the Settings option from the Tools Menu. Sound control is on the bottom of the first Settings tab.
·  How do I change languages?
Access the Settings option from the Tools Menu. Languages are on the first Settings tab.
·  Why does the game display "No Internet Connection" when I am clearly connected?
It may happen that the Internet connection is not detected. Stopping the game from the task bar and restarting it while the Internet connection is enabled should solve this problem. If it doesn't, please turn off your device for 2 minutes, restart it, re-establish the Internet connection and then launch the game.
·  How often can I visit allied bases?
There is no restriction on visiting your allies' bases, so you can visit your allies as often as you'd like!
·  Do I have to be connected to the Internet to be able to add friends or visit bases?
Yes, you need an Internet connection and you also need to be logged into your Google+/Game Center/Xbox Live account.
·  How often can I send gifts?
You may send only one free gift per day to each of your allies.
·  What is the bonus range for decorations?
It depends on the decoration. When placing or moving a decoration, the highlighted area indicates which buildings will receive the decoration bonus.
·  What is the highest level I can reach?
Level 100.
·  Some of my buildings are never ready to be collected from.
You can collect from some buildings every couple of minutes or hours, while others can take a whole day. To see how soon a building can be collected from, tap it and check out the timer in the right corner of the info window.
·  Is it normal that some Quests do not have the Skip icon?
Yes, some Quests are mandatory. You can't skip them, and that is why the icon doesn't appear.
·  If I skip a Quest, do I still receive the rewards?
Yes, you will still receive rewards if you skip Quests.
·  What is the bonus from decorations?
Decorations give a bonus to any production buildings within a limited area.
·  How can I get more Gold Stars?
You can purchase more Gold Stars at any time by tapping on the + sign in the resources menu bar. You may also obtain Gold Stars in random events.
·  How can I get more Coins?
The main way to get more Coins is by constructing Income Buildings and collecting from them after certain time intervals. You can also get more Coins by attacking players on the World Map, and by invading their base!
·  How can I get more Oil Barrels?
The main way to get more Oil is by constructing Oil Production Buildings and collecting from them at certain time intervals. You can get Oil instantly by tapping on the + sign in the resources menu bar.
·  How can I expand my territory?
To expand your base's territory, you need to tap on an empty tract of land and choose a payment method. Land expansions are available for Coins and Gold Stars.
·  How do I purchase more Coins, Gold Stars, etc.?
Make sure you are connected to the Internet. You have to enter the Shop and choose a pack to buy and then input your App Store ID and password.
·  What rewards will I receive from Quests?
Some Quests will give you Coins and XP, while others will give you Gold Stars, Units, Decorations and other special stuff.
·  How do I receive rewards?
Finish or skip assigned Quests to receive rewards. You also receive rewards for completing a mission.
·  Is there a limit to the number of allies I can have?
Yes, the maximum amount of allies is 101.
·  What are the Special buildings in the Shop?
The Special buildings have specific properties that are each unique by type.
·  What is the Battle Report?
The Battle Report allows for a quick view of all battles that have occurred in your absence.
·  What is Glory?
Glory is a measurement of a General's skill, cunning, and power on the battlefield. The more battles you win, the higher your Glory will be.
·  How do the Tax Office and Oil Collector buildings work?
These structures allow you to collect resources from surrounding buildings. Tapping on the Tax Office will collect Coins from any nearby revenue-generating buildings, while tapping on the Oil Collector building will allow you to collect Oil from any nearby Oil-generating buildings.
·  What does the blue icon next to my units represent?
The number under the blue icon tells you the Recovery Rate of that unit, which allows that unit to revive. This means that when that unit falls in combat, it will lose Recovery Rate points, but will still be able to revive if there are points left. However, if the Recovery Rate becomes 0, then that unit will no longer be able to revive.
·  Why do I lose Coins?
When your opponents invade, they have the chance to steal some of your precious resources such as Coins.
·  How can I invade my enemies?
Defeating your enemies in battle allows for the possibility to invade them and earn greater loot from combat.
·  How do offensive and defensive items work?
They affect the combat strength of your army by increasing the attack or defense of your army in combat. These items are key to success in battle, no matter how strong your units are, because having many of these items will add Attack and Defense values many times.
·  What do Trophy buildings do?
Each Trophy building represents a player's achievement, so any visitor can see how successful that player is. They don't provide bonuses to surrounding buildings. When a player taps their own Trophy building, it will lead them to the Achievements section in the game.
·  How do I fuse units?
In order to fuse units, you should tap the building that produces units, tap "Fusion," and then choose the units you would like to fuse. Unfortunately, it is not possible to fuse units that you win in the lottery.
·  How do I sell items?
You can sell items by going to MAIN MENU -> EDIT. You will then see an option that lets you sell the items you bought.
·  How do I stash items?
Each time you acquire gifts of weapons or units, they are placed in your stash or inventory. You can access this by tapping on your headquarters and then on your Stash. The small number indicates the number of each item you have in your inventory. Unfortunately, it is not possible to put the items back in your stash if they have already been placed on your base.
·  How do I use aircraft and weapons in battle?
There are a couple of ways to add machines such as tanks and aircraft to your arsenal of weapons to use during your missions against the enemy. These are also known as units in the game. Option 1 - Tap on the Tools icon in the upper-right corner and then tap on Shop until you see the Mechanical or Air options. These will allow you to purchase any machine or aircraft outright using gold star premium currency. If you do this, the item will be instantly added to your inventory. Option 2 - This option takes more time but is much cheaper. You can purchase special buildings and construct them on your base. Tap on these buildings and a menu such as the one pictured above will appear allowing you to purchase these items using coins, lesser amounts of gold stars and sometimes social currency which is earned by visiting and helping your friends in the game. Once you choose an item via this option you must wait a specified amount of time before the item is ready and added to your arsenal.
·  How do I use power-ups in battle?
Power-ups provide you an edge in battle. They can be produced before entering the battle phase or bought directly during combat. Different power-ups have different effects. Enemy power-ups can be seen heading toward you in battle and if you perform the correct counter action you can stop the enemy's power-up from hurting you. This could be tapping on an object or slicing through it. The game will explain this to you. During the battles, random items will appear such as explosive barrels, supply crates, barbed wire fences and more. The item could have a positive or a negative effect depending on what it is. Tap on these items when you see them to activate or prevent their effect. If you miss the chance to tap on the item, it will be wasted. Also, during the battle you can tap the Bomb icon at the bottom of the screen. You will be re-directed to the page with all the power-ups that are available to you. Here you can choose one and use it in the battle.
·  How do I attack the player who has just attacked me?
When someone attacks your base, you can check in the HQ Bulletin for Battle Notifications. From there, you can then choose to avenge the attack.
·  How do I get free stars?
In order to get a free star, please tap the small green "+" near your coins, medals or oil at the top of the screen. You'll be re-directed to the page of the shop where you can purchase items. In the lower-left corner, you'll see "Free." Tap it and you'll be re-directed to a page to watch a video. After watching it, you will receive 1 free star.
·  How do I change my avatar?
You can select an avatar from the list by tapping on your current avatar while in the game screen. If you connect to social networks, it won't affect your avatar. The avatar stays the same once you have chosen it.
·  How do I change my name in the game?
In order to change your name, tap on your avatar while you are in your base or on the World Map.
·  How do I get more energy?
In order to get more energy, you have to build more buildings that produce it. You can increase electricity by placing power plants, wind turbines and other types of buildings on your base. These are expensive and you can purchase them with gold coins or gold star currency. Once they are fully built, they will add a certain amount of electricity to your base which will allow you to build other structures that produce items, such as oil or machinery.
·  What is the Military Council building for?
The Military Council building makes you more powerful: It gives you 25 attack and 25 defense points, and an additional 0.5 attack and defense points for each member of your Faction. You can boost the Military Council's bonuses by surrounding it with decorations -- a unique property compared to all other base structures.
·  What are the Factions?
The Factions are an alliance between World at Arms players who unite to fight against other Factions.
·  How may I join or create a Faction?
In order to be able to create or join a Faction, you first have to reach level 10. Then you can create your own Faction or simply join another one. Faction creation costs coins.
·  Top Factions Leaderboard
1. The Top Factions Leaderboard displays the ranking for all Factions based on Glory points. 2. The Top Factions Leaderboard is a limited-time leaderboard. 3. When the allotted period of time ends, the Faction with the most Glory points receives Gold Stars and other rewards. 4. The Gold Star rewards are shared among the top 10 members of the Faction, based on their contributions. If the Faction has fewer than 10 members, they will be rewarded with the same number as if there were 10 or more members. 5. After each limited-time period, a new season begins, Glory points are reset, and new rewards are given out.
·  What is the purpose of the new Fight icon in the lower-right corner of the screen?
It takes you directly to the online battle map.
·  What is the purpose of the new Fusion Center building?
You can perform all fusion actions from the new Fusion Center, and it is the only building in which you can perform fusion with Power-Ups.
·  How can I fuse units with Power-Ups?
You can do that in the new Fusion Center. First you have to select the unit you want to fuse, and then tap the "Switch to Power-Ups" icon to choose from available Power-Ups. Fusing a unit with a Power-Up takes time. You can skip the waiting period for a certain amount of Gold Stars.
·  What is the result of unit and Power-Up fusion?
A unit of the same tier, but with a special ability that is the same as the Power-Up, which can be used once every battle. If the Power-Up is beneficial -- for example, First Aid -- it is applied to the fused unit only.
·  Can I fuse all units with all Power-Ups?
At this time you can fuse all units with these three Power-Ups: First Aid, Smoke Screen and Missile Attack.
·  Where can I access the Factions menu?
From two places: 1) The on-screen "Factions" icon in the city view; 2) From the World Map, via the "Factions"/"My Faction" icon.
·  What are the Faction types?
A) Open - All players can join without limitations. B) Limited - Players have to ask to join and the General or Lieutenants have to approve. C) Closed - Players can join only if invited by the General or Lieutenants.
·  What about Faction Hierarchy?
A) General (Owner) - The Faction's creator. Can modify all of its properties. B) Lieutenant - 2nd in rank. Can Invite or Accept players; can Promote players from Soldiers to Lieutenants; can Declare War against other Factions. C) Soldiers - Normal players. No special abilities within the Faction.
·  What is the maximum number of players in a Faction?
50 Players, with a maximum of 2 Generals.
·  What are the Faction relations?
A) Neutral -- Factions that haven't interacted in any way. B) Peace -- Factions that have entered non-aggressive relations after War. Players from those factions will still appear on the World Map like all the others, but will be marked with a specific icon to show their status. They can still be attacked or invaded, like any other player on the World Map. If a player attacks someone they are at Peace with, the General and the Lieutenants will receive a message indicating that the treaty was breached by that player. Two Factions at Peace can't enter War until their relations change (which is only after a period of time). C) War -- This state shows enemy relations between battling Factions. All players from Factions with this relation will be marked accordingly on the World Map to emphasize them and for players to make dedicated attacks if such players appear. The normal rules for Wars will apply when attacking such players.
·  How do I start a war with another Faction?
In order for two Factions to be "At War," their General or Lieutenants must "Declare War" against the other Faction (from the Factions tab in the "My Faction" Menu).
·  What is the maximum number of Factions my Faction can be at war with simultaneously?
With 3 other Factions.
·  What are the options for the General of an attacked Faction?
He/She can Accept or Decline the War. If he/she Accepts, the two Factions are "At War." If he/she Declines, his/her Faction loses Reputation. There is a time limit for the answer. If the General doesn't answer in time, the War is automatically considered to be Accepted.
·  What happens during a War?
During a War, members of opposing Factions will battle each other for better Faction Reputation and War dominance. After the War period runs out, a final battle called an Allied Assault will be held. That Allied Assault will provide a big score boost for the winning Faction.
·  Where can I battle enemy members during a Faction War?
From A) The "My Faction" menu in the Main tab, B) The "My Faction" menu in the Wars tab, or C) The "World Map."
·  What is a "War Score" and how is it calculated?
The Score graph in the "Wars Tab" will show each Faction's scores in the conflict. When At War, every battle between members of the warring Factions will provide Score Points to their Faction.
·  What is the Allied Assault?
This is an automated Battle with the players' shared units from each Faction. The number of units depends on the number of players in that Faction; 2 Units per player maximum. The shared unit is considered lost for the player. The Allied Assault's resolution will be like normal combat, but without the player's control.
·  What does the victorious Faction win?
Rewards and Reputation points.
·  What does the defeated Faction lose?
Reputation points. They will also enter into Peace Relations with the opposing Faction for a limited time.
·  Where can I see Wars that have been declared against my Faction?
You can Accept or Decline Wars from the "Command" tab in the "My Faction" menu.
·  What is the Faction Reputation?
The Faction's rank in the Faction Leaderboards depends on its Reputation.
·  How long does a War last?
The War lasts for 3 days. Afterwards, the two battling Factions cannot attack each other for 5 days.
·  How can I start constructing my underwater base?
The underwater environment will be accessible via an interface icon. You must reach at least Level 28 in order for the icon to be available.
·  What is Thorium?
Thorium is a resource that can be gained by mining Thorium veins. Thorium rocks can be found in the underwater environment.
·  How can I get Thorium?
Thorium can be gained by constructing a Thorium collection building on the Thorium veins, invading other players' underwater bases, and by completing underwater missions or quests.
·  What can I buy with Thorium?
Thorium can be used to build submarines and underwater buildings and for repairing the Atlas unit.
·  What is the Atlas?
The Atlas is a big, special mechanical unit that can be used on all combat terrains (land, air and underwater) and that can be repaired after a battle. The Atlas will show up in your underwater base as a building.
·  How can I construct the Atlas?
The Atlas will be available for construction after you have completed the underwater campaign. To fully construct an Atlas, you must go through the construction stage and all three upgrades. Each upgrade costs one Thorium and has a wait time.
·  Why can't I buy Coins or Oil anymore?
With Update 6, we implemented a Gold Star to in-game currency conversion. With this new mechanic, buying new in-game items is easier.
·  Why aren't the strength bonuses of military structures taken into account in Faction and underwater battles?
With Update 6, the bonuses from military structures are not available in Faction and underwater battles. This change was made to prevent cheating. Now the Faction wars will be more fair.
·  How do I transfer my game progress (within the same platform)?
In order to transfer your progress from one device to another, please follow these steps: 1. Log into a social network (Google+/Game Center/Xbox Live) on device 1.2. Select OK when asked to CONNECT your game progress to the social network account.3. Log in with the same social network account on device 2.4. You will be asked to preview and choose between your current device progress and the progress that was saved on the server under your social network account.5. Select "Keep (Google+/Game Center/Xbox Live) save." (You will lose your current device progress after loading the social network account save.)6. Your save from device 1 will be transferred to device 2.
·  How do I transfer my game progress between iOS and Android devices?
You can transfer your progress from Android to iOS using a special code.1. Install the game on your new device.2. Open the game on your old device and go to Settings > Connection.3. Choose the option "Link a device."4. Follow the instructions to receive a code.5. Open the game on your new device and enter the code in the Connection section.Please note that you will lose the progress on the new device.
·  How do I start the game from the very beginning?
With the last update, a new feature has been introduced: your game progress is saved after you re-install the game. If you want to start the game from the very beginning, delete the game, re-install it, and start again from the beginning of the tutorial. When prompted by the social network pop-up to view or load your available online game progress, select "Cancel" to continue playing your current game from the beginning.
·  How do I continue the game after re-installing?
In order to recover your game progress after re-installation, please follow the steps below:1. Log into a social network (Google+/Game Center/Xbox Live) on device 1.2. Select OK when asked to CONNECT your game progress to the social network account.3. You will be asked to preview and choose between your current device progress and the progress that was saved on the server under your social network account.4. Select "Keep (Google+/Game Center/Xbox Live) save." (You will lose your current device progress after loading the social network account save.)5. Your progress will be restored.
·  How many fusion levels do the units have?
All regular units, created in production facilities, can be fused to level 4. Fusion to level 5 unlocks after completing research in the Research Center. Boss units that can be obtained in the lottery or as a reward in time-limited events can be fused to level 2 after completing the corresponding research in the Research Center.
·  What are the Event missions?
Events are time-limited missions where each player performs specific repeatable objectives to score event points. Each event has three reward tiers, which the player receives when the required score is reached. The highest-scoring players are displayed in the Event Leaderboards and win special rewards.
·  What is the Daily Mission Event?
The Daily Mission is a global solo event. Players will have limited time to perform specific event objectives to gain event points. The highest-scoring players are displayed in the Event Leaderboard and win special rewards.
·  What is the Sudden Strike Event?
Sudden Strike is a specific solo event with a short duration. The highest-scoring players are displayed in the Event Leaderboard and win special rewards.
·  Does the game have a chat feature?
Yes. You can access the chat interface from the bottom center of the tycoon screen. There you will see the latest chat messages.
·  How can I maximize the chat window?
By tapping on the small chat menu at the bottom of the screen you'll open a maximized chat window.
·  Why does my message fail to send?
If the user you're trying to message is offline, your message will fail to send and you'll see a "RESEND" icon and a notification. Whenever the user is online again, you can resend your failed message by tapping the "RESEND" icon.
·  How do I start a chat with one of my friends or allies in the Faction?
You can see your friends in the FRIENDS sub-tab of the PRIVATE tab. By tapping on the player and then on "Whisper," you'll start a chat session. You can tap on a user's avatar anywhere in the chat -- global or national rooms, Faction Wall, etc. -- and a pop-up will appear with options to Whisper, Add Ally, Block and Mail.
·  The PRIVATE tab is blinking. What does this mean?
It means you have an unread private message.
·  How can I use the Atlas unit's Napalm Strike special ability?
You need to have fully upgraded the Prometheus unit to upgrade Atlas so it can use Napalm Strike.
·  How do I refill my reservoir for Prometheus or Atlas?
You can refill the reservoir in the Refill section in both unit buildings or you'll be prompted to do it before battle in order to use Prometheus in battle or use the Napalm Strike ability for both units.
·  What is different about the new units with the yellow Atlas icon on the left?
These Atlas units use certain attack and defense bonuses when fighting alongside Atlas on the battlefield.
·  What determines which level of Napalm Strike will be used by Prometheus or Atlas?
It depends on the quantity of Oil in the reservoir. The unit will use the maximum level possible.
·  How do I activate the Napalm Strike special ability for Prometheus and Atlas during battle?
You will see a special effect when the units are ready to use the Napalm Strike. Then you have to tap the unit to use it.
·  What is the Global Conquest?
The Global Conquest is an event where 5 Factions compete on a certain part of the globe. They have to show their superiority by conquering as many areas as possible and defending them against their opponents. Each conquered area will reward its owner with Score points. The Faction with the highest score at the end wins the exclusive rewards.
·  Where can I access the Global Conquest?
When you are on your base, a "Conquest" icon is available above the "Events" icon at the bottom-left corner of the screen. This icon only appears if you and your Faction meet the requirement to participate.
·  What is the requirement to participate in the Global Conquest?
You need to be part of a Faction that has at least 10 members.
·  Who can enlist others to our Faction in the Global Conquest?
Only Generals and Lieutenants can enlist players to your Faction in the Global Conquest. So if you're a soldier in your Faction, contact one of your officers to inform them of the Global Conquest.
·  What is the difference between the Global Conquest and other events?
The Global Conquest doesn't have thresholds rewards. Only enlisted Factions will participate and get rewards. It also features Stamina, which is solely usable in the Global Conquest and takes places in turns. Once the event has started, other Factions can't join in anymore.
·  How long does the Global Conquest last?
It can vary from a couple of days to a full week.
·  How long does a turn last?
It can vary depending on the event's duration, but a default turn lasts 4 hours.
·  How many Factions can compete in a Global Conquest?
The maximum number of Factions that can compete in one Global Conquest event is 5. However, you can also play against only 2 or 3 other Factions in some cases.
·  What is Stamina?
Stamina is used to start battles in the Global Conquest. Stamina is refilled at the beginning of every turn and it also refills itself over time. You can also increase your maximum Stamina capacity in order to start more battles.
·  How can I refill my Stamina or extend its maximum capacity?
You can purchase up to 5 Stamina Extensions that will double your starting capacity. You can also purchase 3 different Recovery Packs that refill a percentage of your Stamina (25%, 50% and 100%) in the Global Conquest shop that you can access by tapping on the "+" next to your Stamina bar. Refills can never give you more Stamina than your maximum.
·  What are Control Points?
When you win a battle in a Global Conquest area, you earn Control Points for that area. Control Points will stack up with the ones other players from your Faction already earned in that area during this turn. The Faction with the highest amount of Control Points will control that area at the beginning of the next turn. Control Points vary depending on the battle type and how many battles you completed during a turn. They are reset every turn.
·  How do I capture an area?
You can help capture an area by starting battles in that area and winning them. You will then contribute to your Faction's Control Points for this area. If your Faction ends in first place at the end of the turn, the area will be yours for the next turn.
·  Can I help defend an area that my Faction controls?
If no one has attacked an area controlled by your Faction, you can still get a few Control Points on it to secure it. However, starting battles in an area controlled by your Faction and not contested by anyone will result in a -50% Control Point penalty, unless another Faction attacks.
·  What are Challenges?
Challenges increase your Faction's score upon completion. You need to meet certain conditions to earn the extra score. This bonus score is given only once a turn and is not cumulative.
·  Are Challenges always the same?
Challenges will change from one Global Conquest to another, but will always stay the same for the duration of a given Global Conquest.
·  What are the differences between the 3 types of battles when attacking an area?
The Skirmish battle allows you to use only 3 units and 1 power-up. The Quick Strike is like a regular battle with 6 units but a limit of 3 power-ups. The Full Assault allows you to deploy 2 waves of 6 units and use as many power-ups as you wish. As a result of these differences, the Skirmish uses the least Stamina and rewards you with a few Control Points. The Quick Strike requires more Stamina but rewards you with more Control Points. Finally, the Full Assault costs the most Stamina but also rewards you with a lot of Control Points.
·  Why can't I use more power-ups in Skirmish and Quick Strike battles?
The Skirmish battle has a limit of 1 power-up per battle. The Quick Strike has a limit of 3 power-ups per battle. Only the Full Assault allows you to use as many power-ups as you want.
·  What are Winning Streaks?
When you win multiple battles in a row, you create a Winning Streak. This streak only affects you. It increases the amount of Control Points you score for the next battle by a certain percentage. The first battle gives you +10% for the next one, then +2% for each consecutive victory. Your Winning Streak resets to 0 after a defeat.
·  Why has my Winning Streak reset to 0?
It was reset to 0 because you lost your last battle.
·  Is there a limit of battles per turn?
Yes, you can fight up to 50 times per turn. Above this limit, battles will be disabled.
·  Why can't I see my League Control Point bonus during battles?
Your League bonus in already included in the number that is displayed in each battle, which is your Winning Streak bonus.
·  Why is the terrain of the areas changing from time to time?
Every Turn, the terrain of each area is randomized. Each area has a different set of parameters for their terrain. However, certain rules affect this; for example, water areas will never have ground terrain, and ground areas will never have underwater terrain.
·  Why can't I see my Stamina outside of the Global Conquest?
Stamina is specific to the Global Conquest, so we only display it while you're playing this event.
·  Why can't I attack anymore during a Turn?
There are 3 possible reasons: 1. You are in the Truce period that occurs at the end of each Turn; 2. You have reached the limit of 50 battles per Turn; 3. You don't have enough Stamina left to start the battle you chose.
·  What is a Truce?
The Truce is a 10-minute period when nobody can attack anyone. Use this time to prepare your strategy for the next Turn.
·  Why can't I buy Stamina during the Truce?
Since you can't fight during the Truce, and you'll get a full Stamina refill when the new Turn begins, we don't allow players to purchase unusable Stamina during this time.
·  How can I increase my Contribution?
In order to get more Contribution, you need to donate better units than the units donated by your fellow Faction members. Each player who donates a unit is rewarded with 5 Contribution per unit. More Contribution is awarded if the power of the unit you donated is greater than the average power of the other units donated to the Faction.
·  Which actions do I need to perform to get Contribution?
You can get Contribution by starting a battle in a Faction war, winning a battle in a Faction war, donating units for Allied Assault, and winning a battle against another Faction member in PvP. Faction Contribution is accumulated for each leaderboard event. Once an event is over, the Contribution gets reset.
·  How can I delete allies?
For now it is not possible to delete your allies, but we may add this feature in a future update.
·  Why can't I build more offensive or defensive structures?
With the recent update, we introduced a limit for these structures according to a player's level. In order to build more structures of this type, you need to level up.
·  What is the Faction HQ?
Faction HQ is a new Faction-based building, which unlocks several new gameplay features: Faction Upgrades, Gifts and Mercenaries. In order for a player to unlock the Faction HQ features, they have to be part of a Faction. When a player is a member of a Faction, their Faction HQ building will be available in their stash. The player has to place the Faction HQ building on their base in order to unlock the Faction HQ features. Players can upgrade their Faction HQ building up to level 10; better opportunities for their Faction HQ Upgrade trees will unlock as they level up.
·  What are Faction HQ Upgrades?
Faction HQ Upgrades have 3 separate categories: Mercenary, Faction and Player. Each Upgrade requires a sum of a specific currency that has to be gathered by the Faction in order to provide a bonus. All Faction members can donate towards Faction Upgrades. All Faction Upgrades are Faction-exclusive. When a player leaves a Faction, all of that Faction's Upgrades will cease to take effect.
·  What are Faction Gifts?
The Faction Gifts feature allows all Faction members to receive bonuses when any member purchases Gold Stars from the Shop. All purchases of Gold Stars contribute Gift Points to a shared pool. Gift Points will add up and increase the Faction's Gift Level, increasing the quality of the gift rewards. Each gift must be claimed within a limited amount of time -- when the timer is up, the gift expires.
·  What is the Faction Mercenary?
The Faction Mercenary is a special unit that will defend your base using power-ups donated by your Faction members. Each Faction member has its own Mercenary unit, which has a few power-up slots. You can request power-ups for your Mercenary unit as well as donate power-ups to your fellow Faction members. An armed Mercenary unit will automatically appear when a player is attacked and will use a power-up on their enemy's army.
·  What is the new resource collection mechanic?
The swipe mechanic introduces a new, easy way for you to collect your resources by swiping your finger over "resource bubbles." In order to activate this feature, you must have a Tax Office; after that, tap on the Coin/Oil icon located in the Tycoon menu to enable the swipe mechanic.
·  Why do I get a notification that my game is active on another device?
If you receive a message that the game is active on another device, it means that you have logged in with the same social network account on another device. This notification appears when the system sees you are connected on two devices. You won't be able to play until you turn off one device and restart the game on the device on which you want to play. Every time you are connected to two devices at the same time, you will get this message. If you are connected to only one device, the message you received the first time won't appear anymore.
·  How do I get Contribution?
You get Contribution for the following actions: starting and winning battles in Faction Wars, donating units for Allied Assaults, sending gifts to Faction members, attacking other Faction members in PvP and scoring points in Faction Events. This occurs only when the weekly Faction Event is active (during a period of 5-6 days). Your Contribution will only increase when the event is live. Once it ends, you won't be able to score more points. When a new weekly Faction Event starts, your Contribution will be reset to 0 and will again be taken into account.
·  Why is the Revenge icon not there anymore?
It is a new feature with the current update, where you can attack a player for revenge only once. If the icon is missing or greyed out, this means you already attacked this player for revenge.
·  Why has the donation refund feature been removed?
After the latest update, the donation refund feature was removed from the game and was replaced with the Donation Boost. This new feature will increase the power percentage of the donated units for Faction War Allied Assault. To gain extra Gold Stars, you can now use the Special Operations building.
·  Why have some of my buildings disappeared or moved?
In the latest update, we decided to move some buildings on your base to the left of the mountain. You will be unable to edit this change, but you now have more free space on your base and can expand it to that corner.
·  What are Boosted units?
Boosted units are part of the Global Conquest event. Each turn, there are units that have a boost if used in the event. The possible boosts are increased Attack when fighting against other players, the KRA or everyone, and increased Control Points.
·  Does World at Arms support a keyboard and mouse?
Yes. This feature is available on the Windows PC version only. Keyboard support is turned on by default. You can see shortcut hints in the game by pressing the ALT key to reveal the default hotkeys. You can turn this function on/off or change the hotkeys by following these steps: 1. Select the Tools menu, then click on the keyboard support icon. 2. Select the Keyboard, Keys, or Navigation tab to change the keyboard settings. Mouse support has the following functions: 1. Left-click: Choose/click. 2. Scroll button: Zoom in/out. 3. Right-click: At the base, press and hold the right-click button on a building to go to Edit Mode and rotate the selected building (when applicable).
·  The game runs slowly on my device. What should I do?
This issue only occurs on the Windows & Windows Phone versions of the game. Game performance depends on different devices and stages of your progress. The default graphics setting has already been optimized for your devices. However, if you ever experience slow performance when playing, please follow these steps: 1. Select the Tools menu, then select the Options tab. 2. Slide the Graphics option to a lower setting. 3. Restart the game; it should run more smoothly now.