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My game reset itself, NOT HAPPY

Mon Jul 07, 2014 9:01 am
My game has recently reset. I spent the last 2days getting to where I where I am now. I lost ponies, gems, shops, decor, expansion space, elements shards, and bits. Also the ponies I still have don't have as many stars as they once did. I cleared alot of clearable items, parasprites, and changlings that have all returned. Here is a list of all things missing.

I've spent most to complete missions, buying ponies, and other things on the game. But I had at least 250 left.

Ponies I have bought but no longer have along with how many stars they had:
Snails - 3 stars
Trixie- 2 stars
Soarin- 1 star
Royal guard - 2 stars
Rainbow dash- 2 stars
Dj Pon- 3 stars

Twinkleshine- 1 star
Fleur dis lee- 1 star
Parish nanermane- 1 star
lyrica- 2 stars
Minuette- 2 stars
Beautybrass- 3 stars

Joke shop

Ponies missing stars
zecora- 5 stars
Fancy pants- 4 stars
Fluttershy 5 stars

Joe- 3 stars
Lotus blossom- 5 stars
Fredrick horsepinf- 5 stars
Twilight velvet- 4 stars
Sunset shimmer- 5 stars
Masseuse pony- 4 stars

Sweet apple arces
Apple fritter- 5 stars
Cherry jubilee- 4 stars

Decor that is missing (mostly bought because of missions needed to complete)
Red wedding flowers
Twilight's crown
rainbow falls
2 wedding present
Twilight's banner

Elements of harmony missing
Laughter- 300+
Generosity- 200+
Honesty- 200+
Kindness- 100+
Loyalty- 100+
Magic- 79

Missions I have already completed

Canterlot :
Coronation preperations(bought Twilight's banner, skipped buying her chariot)
Shimmering star
Gift horse
Be my guest
Brass from the past
Maid to serve
Galloping maiden

Power of friends
That meanie
Sparkling clean(complete all but collecting 800,000 bits. I only collected at least 433,000)
time for school

Sweet apple acres
The cavalry (only gotten 4 of of the 30 vampire fruit bats)

Also I received the soccer field from the solo event for the ball bounce mini game.
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Re: My game reset itself, NOT HAPPY

Thu Dec 26, 2019 11:07 am
Your game "reset itself" only because it needed an update. For "major" updates, i.e. when the first digit of the game version rolls over, the quest chapters you completed will be gone forever and replaced with new ones. It is your fault, not Gameloft's, that you needed to reset your own game. I know, from direct experience, that I need to erase my own games myself when the save files become corrupt, e.g. when all the prizes in the Crystal Mine mini-game become incorrectly labeled and their corresponding icons are replaced with the Bit icon. By the way, that change came in version 5.6. Please update your game to version 5.8 (the current version), and then, maybe, you will no longer lose your saved game.
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Re: My game reset itself, NOT HAPPY

Wed Apr 01, 2020 10:30 pm
My game has also been reset. Caring Music a7f4265a is the name and code and my ticket number is 20045803. Please help push it through support since I've been locked out for about 2 weeks.