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5 Year Celebration Board closed. (Copy)

Wed Feb 27, 2019 3:32 pm
Hello again peeps  Image 

As some of you might have noticed already, we are moving the 5 Year Celebration Update board within the forum to a new location (furthest to the right).

The reason being that as of tomorrow (most likely) this board will be read onlyNo new topics or answers to threads will be possible and we will consider it and archive

We created the 5Y Celebration board to help us transition after the update, and it served it's purpose very well but we feel that now it is only redundant and it's segregating the conversation making it more difficult for new visitors to our forum understand quickly how it works. 

So lets make of the board News & Discussions our main hub for all future conversations!

Feel free to join with your feedback on this post's twin brother on the other board:


Hello peeps! I'm Pepper, Game Community Manager from Gameloft   ;)