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Hi there Runners!

The Celebration Update wants to be the foundamental of the new Minion Rush. It's a starting point for creating something new, together and with more features than the past.
If you have been playing Minion Rush from the start sure there's a lot of Items, Costumes, Perks and Achievements you'd like to carry over. At the same time, not all of those are present or can be obtained anymore from now on.

The conversion was designed with the intention of having senior player's past achievements translated (and not lost or abandoned), in the new update. And if not converted 1:1 at least in a useful boost for unlocking again and quickly what has been transferred over. This also allow new players to jump on the game without feeling discouraged by the gap between the veteran ones

Please find below a list about the item converted from past to new game.
The list is in constant update so expect more detailed info in the following days and weeks.


Blueprints >> Costume Cards

Costumes >> Costumes Cards
[Notice] Everyone is now starting from the same level, however, each of you will have different amounts of Costume Cards, Tokens, and other items since the beginning based on your past progress in the game. In order to unlock previously owned Costumes you now just need to run in the game at your best. No more costumes after a paywall. We've also increased the number of rewards received during the run, compared to the past.

Power ups >> Included into Costumes now.
[Notice] Power ups are now part of the costumes. However, we are compensating the power-ups upgrades with Costume Cards during the conversion. Power ups last less longer now but appear much more frequently than in the previous version (meaning, less waiting in case of accidental Moon minigame or Vaacum accidental activation).

Golden Skills >> Transition Pods (containing Tokens and Costume Cards)

Golden Tickets >> Transition Pods (containing Tokens and Costume Cards)

Perks >> Costume Cards

Bananas >> Tokens

Tokens >> Tokens (they don't change)

Hats >> Costume Cards
[Notice] Hats are now Costumes. This means if you have e.g. the Carnival Hat, after the conversion you'll have Costume Cards for the Carnival Hat Costume

Revives >> Costume Cards

Mel/Island Hopper Cards >> Costume Cards (for the associated costume/Minion)

Golden Banana/Shield >> Costume Cards


Items NOT converted:
  1. Props
  2. Fevers
  3. Race gadgets
  4. Costume races upgrades
  5. Unopened Prize-pods
It's higly advisable to open all your unopened Prize-pods (if any) as soon as you achieve one.

For more information on how to convert your past progress, watch this video:

The Minion Rush Team
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