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So days ago i tried to buy something from Modern Combat 5 and it didn't work. I got an error message. I told myself " Oh okay it can happen". However, the same thing happened with Asphalt 9 ; TRANSACTION FAILED - Error : 0-0-2-0--6003, but it wasn't normal since i already bought offers in-game by the past. I contacted Microsoft Store Support & Xbox Support. They told me that the problem was coming from Gameloft since it didn't work for 2 games from them. I contacted Gameloft Customer Care and meanwhile i tried to uninstall the game, reset the app, make my payment options up to date, make my delivery adress up to date, reboot the pc, disconnect from my microsoft account, delete games credentials,etc. After hours of search i finally found it!!! The problem is actually on Xbox end!

Apparently, the Xbox Companion that comes with the xbox game bar& xbox identity provider is outdated! You need to install a new app called Xbox Bêta. Once it's done and you lauch it there will be a message at the top saying that you need to go fix some settings for the app to work properly ( or just go in settings). There you'll finally find an option to INSTALL a module that allows you to make purchase in-apps. Since then, i have been able to buy again.

I hope it will help some players who are in the same situation.