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Wed Jan 09, 2019 8:33 pm
Slipstream needs major improvement. First a 700 ranked vehicle should not be able to keep up, maintain performance with a 1500 ranked vehicle regardless of gaining nitro thru, by, from a slipstream stream. The 1500 ranked vehicle should outperform the 700 ranked vehicle and after adequate time should of gained enough distance that the 700 ranked vehicle shouldn't even be able to gain nitro. Second the slipstream streams need to be toned down a lot they should not be so overpowering that all a player can see is, are streams that the actual course, track can not be distinguished causing players to wreck. Since it has been stated players input is looked at I hope both these issues are corrected because as is I can and will state 99% of the players I've talked with or discussions I've seen, read concerning slipstream do not like slipstream and, or have an issue with slipstream due to both factors I have just mentioned therefore I hope both issues are addressed besides corrected, fixed so that slipstream might become enjoyable to players instead of being considered a total nightmare which is what it is at, in it's present state.
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Re: Slipstream

Thu Jan 10, 2019 1:45 am
They must be having a contest to see who is the biggest **** ****. In no way is this racing; it's hunting. If you have a fast car, guess what? ****. Someone in a POS Tercel or some **** is going to knock your **** down and beat you bacl to 8th place, even though you out-raced and out-skilled the entire field. I hope they take shitstream and shove it up their **** ****. Hot **** garbage.
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