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Slipstream really **** in multiplayer

however i really like slipstream in career races!

Dude please get rid of slipstream in multiplayer....i hate it...**** (who tries to win others purposefully by knocking other player down) and hackers are taking advantage of it ...within 40 seconds of race start ...someone somewhere knocks my car down...i try to not race with the **** and will go the other way (my position will be 4 or 5 out of 8 as im a beginner and not much powerful cars in my hand right now)...getting back..out of nowhere someone will come and knock my car down.... it happens during every race :')

sometimes i also wonder whether gameloft team does this on purpose and  setup games like where your prime focus is to make people win (for those whom pay you real money)

im not sure multiplayer is real time or ghost recorded tracks like nfs no's humilating and makes me feel im not good enough.

Give us chance to showcase our skills and conduct races like an alpha to find real legends......get rid of this kids strategy ideas... if you want battle in races with slipstream mode...there are ideas where you need to brainstorm it which would make sense.....instead of setting your mindset always winning races would be by knocking others down...

knocking down car....its like beating someone from behind the back...only p****** do that....and they need to be punished.

if you think wrecking cars is fun and wants to slow down others,,,,,there are many ways you can do it! also following rules can help maintain discipline in races (well you can also make some money with it)_

1. Anti Knockdown mode (  you can charge 10000 coins for every 15 races )

 while the race is ON with this mode  activated....Design the game like (no opponents can knock my car down)  and to make this mode interesting and popular.....start knocking down others who tries to knock me down, or  touches my car.... 

let me be another wall which they want to desperately avoid touching!  p) and for the sake of graphics....when somone touches my car...add some tremendous fire effects on my car!

2. Spike strip

knocking down others is bad.....but spike strips can make other slow down as they have to slow down a bit to escape from it.... will definitely help us in beating seconds.

3. nitro block.

drifting and turning to prevent others from using our speed in slipstream is boring.... you can add anti nitro mode where others cant use our speed in slipstream races (same like preventing others using my nitro by turning the car but with this mode i dont need to do that... you can charge 1000c for every race.

thanks for reading...hope i could see fair races in upcoming updates,.
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