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Please block SLOMO hack.(Very Important)

Tue Aug 07, 2018 9:49 am
There is a hack that can slow down game speed or make fast. 
The biggest problem of this hack is, several highest rank players are using this hack to make record impossible for human or to make better record by slowing down game speed.

It seriously ruins fairness and make competition meaningless and extremely hard. 
This has been the biggest problem of TLE since A8.
But it still exists on latest series of Asphalt.

So I suggest two solutions.
1. Block the speed modification. This would be the best way. 
2. Detect game speed modification then ban the hacker.
Or send the hacker to CheaterBoard. 

Please fix or block this fatal hack. Competition must be fair.
This hack exist both on iOS and Android.

Hack video:,
Asphalt 9 player: 사이토카인(iOS)
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Vote in favour .please gameloft
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Seriously Gameloft take some action!!! Slow mo hacks has been in Asphalt 8 for yearsss and you guys still haven't done anything about it? really? Now people are using it in A9!!!