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Hi this is MarvelousAQL2020 a xbox user on windows 10 i just recently got my pc resetted after mistakenly mess with file atributes on my computers solid state drive and after the reset like a few days ago like on friday and on saturday when i tryed loging on doing my daily rep with the purchased season pass for the finest royals season on teir 50 already and i cant log on due to a unstable connection and it said to try again later and when i did that the same error came up and i have a stable and fast internet connection what the hill billy is going on? please respond to me when you can i really want to get back on it as i have a club that has to do 500 rep per day and i am connected to my clubs discord and i cant access my profile id ingame due to the error 
P.S MommaMarvy or aka MarvelousAQL2020 on A9