Should Matchmaking Go By Rank or Rating or by Car?

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Re: Matching Making Poll

Mon Apr 12, 2021 11:04 pm
LifeisShort wrote:
Hey GTA ...mind your business ....come on here and say players have the right to vent and if I do so you call it bullying....not the first time a certain player has placed photo's up that dont match what they have said and the only time they  vent is when the game doesnt go their way after 4th or 5th time of this happening I call them on it and an excuse is made ...but you call it bulling and I call it telling it like it is who's being the bully on trying to tell someone what to do GTA

OK, LifeisShort. If by "a certain player," you mean me, I can tell you again- I do placed 2 different photo's from 2 different races (please mind that I never told you that both made at the same race!) just to illustrate my words... First photo showed that being in the middle of Golden League I have to compete against Bugatti Chiron and Inferno both are Legends. Second photo illustrated\expressed my surprise when Artega Scalo finished race on the second place of 8 IN LEGEND, but it's max speed is 316 kmph only! Sometimes you say valuable words, but sometimes you're bleeping mess, you know that ?
It cann't be difficult to be honest with your teammates and with yourself.