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Sam Johnson

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I already maxed out the S car in the new Car Hunt. The distace is too short to waste 2 token pass for each race for BPs I no longer need. I'd rather use the token pass to built my rep - 1 for each race.

I've already gotten all the rewards and only playing for 5 blue coins. I don't care about the Apollo IE BP because I don't plan to upgrade it further. I want to get the 1 mil coins after finish all the mission.

Will we have a Car Hunt for a D class car before the LP ends or I have to race the S car hunt?

I wish I'd taken the blue pill..... Not have downloaded Asphalt 9 at all
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Ella FromGameloft

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Hey, Sam! While I can't give any spoilers (pun intended), I can say that there are some chances that the next Car Hunt will be for a D class car! ^-^