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Again modified it lot..

forum is currently very buggy so this is why i have to put this in form of brochures...

I hope you'll love it...i'll stick with you through every features..

Let's get started!
Vip rewards for vip subscribers to gain more bps on every make this feature grand hit and to prevent club rewards abuse and misunderstanding between club members...remove club rewards for special event cars for good...our club lost 8 members due to this club rewards loophole..they went searching for lambo evo bps but never came back.. end this pain with vip rewards for vip subscribers..
Imagea brand new store for vip subscribers where almost everything is available for purchase using in game tokens and credit coins! no need to wait for legend store refresh, trade coins bs or special event to show up! Make it look like "All of them available here" you just need tokens and credits!
ImageDaily car loot should be refreshed for every 12 hours
8 cars ( chance to earn 8 blueprints of 8 different cars (1 from each) for every 12 hours... the thing is to make people realize that they are making progression at a decent pace yet holding off their progression to make subscription period extension as long as possible...Everyone knows slow progress is better than no add this...i think people will be happy for getting 8 new bps of car that they dont have instead of trade coins trash..
Imagedaily token hunt can be the "cop event" where simple challenges are added like knocking down cop cars, escape roadblocks on time...etc or even playing as cop and knocking down bots within time..i think this will be refreshing!
Imagewhile a legend league top player can earn 500 tokens every week...i think this 50 tokens per day (50 x7 = 350 tokens per week) wont harm will give hope for newbies and vip subscribers to keep subscribing back again and again.
Imagenewbies and vip users (newbies) cant beat expert race yeah..
it says it all...will be very helpful for newbies and vip subscribers..
Image3x club rep boost (BUT ONLY FOR EVENT RACES) which means they are still locked out to make progression fast due to event tickets cap...will be very helpful for newbies to boost their reputation level and help their club reputation...
5$ per month.... to get this feature users must have atleast subscribed for 12 months (as per month subscription can only gain upto 2 vip points).... you can add a sidenote make people subscribe for annual plan which will make sure that they get the feature as soon as they pay (60$) people who cant wait or have more money will subscribe.. 

unlimited event tickets requires 3 years subscription (they pay 180$) unlimited event tickets...can't this feature be the least that you can do for them ?

and furthermore you can add premium controls...

like this game
analog on brake button on right (let me use the right area.. no need for buttons.. and for nitros ? timely swipe up...

current controls and touchdrive both are buggy and only cause please add this stylish controls(like the image)... if you dont believe

gameloft if you want subscribers for long period of time then you have to add more stars like 12 to 14 stars for each cars (and 80 bps for each star up)

to justify this reason for addition you can work on "turbo nitro" and nitro packs where you make the cars super duper ultra fast...if you goto "xbox" youtube channel...there is a trailer of "dangerous driving" it. or watch ign review of that game..the game nitros are incredibly fast which puts asphalt9  shockwave to on new gaming modes like slipstream or something else which makes drifting as good thing...nitro effects that can feast our eyer with hyper speeds...bring f1 cars , bikes (dont do the same mistake you did on asphalt 8...instead of bring this vehicles on old new locations and tracks which will be perfectl adapting to those can also bring asphalt xtreme cars (instead of conducting special event for those cars...focus on bringing them to career mode and sell bps only on legend store, vip store ... just add more locations like taking the chapter 5 born legend to a world tour...each chapter a new location....where these asphalt xtreme cars should come on later chapters (making it look like they were brought into the game for career adventure purposes) you can also work on jet boat racing...more locations like amusement part like zombieland movie...this year should be awesome.. 5$ may be less for you but thats the amount where other will see it as reasonable prize and can be easily affordable every month,,,just focus on improving the game and active players database will grow itself ,,,
dont think too much ...just be nice and implement it's all about fun and ,making money at the same time


Make gameloft players happy now!

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