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Re: Matchmaking: how does it work?

Fri Oct 04, 2019 10:27 pm
duke nuke em wrote:
Another load of crap from admin.
Given the amazing variety of track style and length, lower rated cars simply aren't competitive with the faster cars on certain tracks regardless of driver skill. For example the quick 20 second downhill ski jump one. Higher rated cars reach a much higher max speed much quicker than the lower cars and it simply impossible to catch up before the finish line.  The same goes for tracks with a lot of straight lines.  I would think most short tracks are quite difficult even for the proest of pros to beat a high rated car with a low one.


Hundreds of racers beat higher ranked cars with cars ranked 2K lower every day. They are called Hackers!  Get used to it! :)
I wanted to write "something funny" here, and then I realized "something funny" isn't that funny, but I wrote it twice anyway.  ;)