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Customized Club Logos

Tue Oct 23, 2018 2:41 pm

Hello Legends,
To pay homage to the groups of players who broke every record and who shaped our community since Asphalt 8, we are introducing Custom Club Logos (designed by the clubs and the Asphalt Team).   
Elite, RpM, Fury and ReV will soon be able to use exclusive logos for their clubs. Congratulations, and thanks for your support!  LeMans, UERK, ASL, we also think you deserve your custom logos, I'll be in touch with you. 
The custom logo is a very limited mark of respect from the Asphalt Team to the most influential clubs. It's not something that we would give to any club on a regular basis; it's exceptional.

We watch the clubs evolve every day, and who knows, one day we might choose your club too. Even If we can't make promise about which club is going to get its logo next, I can tell you that we will only give it to clubs who are:
1. Making sure that all of their members are all respecting the Gameloft terms of use when they play: [url][/url]
2. Keeping on performing well in the game
3. Having a positive influence over the community
Best regards,
The Asphalt Team