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Fire/Dark Golem & Nature/Dark mercenary

Sat Jan 05, 2019 7:53 pm
Fire/Dark Golem: You must increase his Attack by 100 points to make it standard with the other Tanks in the game.
Fire/Dark Golem Skill: EARTHEN BELLOW cause BLIND and does not match ROCK FIST (SKILL). This ability must cause IMMOBILIZATION 
for Golem to cause more damage to the enemy.

Nature/Dark Mercenary: 
This champion needs to have HP balanced.
PS. MAX low, currently at level 50 mercenary has
13k PS. MAX. She needs to win 5k PS. MAX.
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While I could agree that Dark Golem needs some love and he could have that 100 attack rise, Fire Golem is a Nat2 and should have lower stats than the rest.

Nat/Dark Mercs I leveled to 60 because the skill set is very attractive, but they are a bit lackluster, maybe due to the HP pool.
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Aleksander Kubiak

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