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Letter from the Producer (#2)

Mon Jul 23, 2018 9:32 pm
Greeting Champions,

The game has now been live more than two months and it is time to step back and share where we are and what we have in mind for the future. With Ascended Boss levels, a new difficulty in Ultimate Blitz, Ritual Summoning, Diva, Magical Girl, QoL, five hotfixes… the past few weeks have been crazy! I would like to thank you all for the warm welcoming of this new content.This is only the beginning! We have gigantic plans for this summer. July, August, and September are going to be game-changers for DHC.

Let’s dive into details...

  1. The global stability of the game has increased with the past updates, yet we still need to improve the situation on all platforms. In the past weeks, we made some big changes server side to ensure more server stability along with less arena/5v5 maintenance duration and steadier reconnection.
  2. To be fully transparent, we also struggled too much with the stability of the Windows version but you should finally see ongoing improvements in the coming weeks.
  3. Your feedback on both Discord and Reddit helps us a lot! Here are some of the top bugs we are working on right now for the next update: Improving AI behaviors with AOEs (dark Dryad, AA, etc.), fixing the bug related to the Water Diva’s Catchy Tune affecting the Elder Drake and Bull Demon King, Ads display…
PVP game modes:
  1. The point requirements for Arena is not working as intended currently and generates frustration. To resolve this situation, we will proceed with several changes: We will also lower the point requirements a bit for each tier of rewards.
  2. PVP Energy will be generated every 30 min (instead of 1 hour) in the next update to make it easier to generate trophies.
  3. 5v5 will also have improvements in the next update: we are considering removing the Trophy requirements for 5v5 rewards. This is something that also aligns with community feedback (from u/lumpiiah recently for example) Rewards will be based only on rankings. This is a first step of our improvement for the 5v5.
  4. 5v5 is one of the most interesting game mode in DHC (and my personal favorite!). This is also the most challenging one. We want to improve both server stability, matchmaking and leaderboard rankings. This is a lot of ongoing work but 5v5 will have some improvements with every updates along with one dedicated big update that should arrive not too long after the release of Co-op Boss Raids.
  5. Finally, we are doing a balancing pass for both 5v5 and Arena in the next update (looking at you Water Diva in 5v5!).
Update frequency and events:
  1. We are too slow! We are currently improving our pipelines to release new update more frequently for both enhancing stability and adding new content.
  2. With each update, we increase the number of systems/features to create new and fun events. As you may have seen in the Magical Girl Events, we now have a new point system. You can expect more and more diversity in the upcoming weeks.
  1. With DHC, our goal has always been to create a Hero Collection RPG that has the classical game pillars of the genre PLUS a unique and fun to play live action-RPG gameplay. This gameplay shines through the whole game but especially in exclusive game modes like 5v5 PVP… and real time Co-op Raids!
  2. Targeted towards mid-game and end game players, Co-op Raids will be an extremely challenging addition. It will require a good amount of strategical thinking and player skill. We highly recommend you to organize daily/weekly runs with your guild-mates since cooperation and synchronization will be key here. Also… being in a guild that grinds this game mode will give you extra rewards. Image=0px;)
  3. Once you have assembled a team of fierce players, you have to coordinate with each other about who brings which champion. Tanks, DPS and supports are only the beginning here… you will need to decide who brings a block heal or a lower attack debuff for example.
  4. With no auto mode, your skills will matter more than ever. Your team will need to rely on each other. AFKing will result in a lost battle and no reward… so you better have a solid partnership!
  5. Progressing through these difficult levels will not be easy.
  6. Epic difficulty will require 3 players with an option of adding bots. Legendary requires 4 Players and Nightmare requires 5 Players! Each player brings one champion to the battle but keep in mind that after a victory, your Champion will be exhausted and will not be able to join the battle again for the current day. We recommend trying to have as many Champions as possible!
  7. Co-op Raids will reward three new types of gear sets (soon to be revealed), Chaos Shards that allow you to reroll all the secondary stats of a piece of gear, and Outfit Tokens! Note that Chaos Shards cannot be bought in the shop or found anywhere else in the game.
  8. Last, but not least, the Co-op Boss will have a different version every week! Each week there will be a new combination of Elemental variation, skill sets/mechanisms, and minions summoned for a challenge that is always fresh. Warmup your theory-crafting process, you will need it on a weekly basis now!
  9. Co-op Boss is coming in the next update!
  1. Your Champions are beautiful but if you want to stand out from the crowd, Outfits are here for you! Each Outfit changes the visual appearance of a Champion and, once upgraded, will grant a small stat boost. Outfits are fully accessible for both Paying and non-Paying users and can be “farmed” in live Co-op Raids and 5v5. All champions have access to an upgradeable “classic shiny” Outfit, so there is no unfair stats advantages for the Champions that are still waiting for a unique new look.
  2. Once unlocked, an Outfit needs to be leveled up to grant a stat increase. To do so you need Outfit Tokens. This new reward will be found in 5v5 and Co-op game modes, with extra quantities available each day for completing Bonus Dailies in these modes. Bonus Dailies do not count towards your daily 7 Gem reward, so no worries if you don’t complete them!
  3. We will release several new Outfits for some Champions in the next update with more to come as we roll them out on a more regular basis! Your Champions have never looked so stunning!
It is important to note that Outfits in DHC are another layer of progression for your champions. Here are more details:
  1. You unlock Outfits with Outfit Tokens or Gems (Both Paying and Non-Paying users have access to them, no paywall). When unlocked Outfits do not have any stat boost.
  2. You level up your Outfit ONLY with Outfit Tokens. Leveled up Outfits have a stat boost.
  3. Outfit Tokens cannot be purchased and are only found in 5v5 and Co-op Raids.
  4. All Outfit bonuses (the chosen stat and the amount) are the same for a single Champion. There is no such thing as an outfit with "better" stats so you will never have to choose between the cosmetic look and stat bonus.
  5. If two Champions receive the same type of stat boost from an Outfit (Max HP, for instance), it will always be the same amount. One Champion will not have better outfits than another Champion.
  6. Also all the Champions will have a "Classic" outfit that is upgradable, so if you like your current look you can keep it without falling behind in stats.
That’s it for now, guys! Next Update is just around the corner and you now know part of its content. As usual, this is also the start of a conversation. Please share with us your feelings about this letter.What do you think about this new Co-op game mode? Do you see yourself playing it with your guild-mates?What do you think about the Outfits? According to you, which Champions should have Outfits first and what kind of crazy look do you think would look coolest for them?Thank you for you for your support and for being an amazing community!