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If you are going to copy summoner's war

Sun Jun 03, 2018 7:01 pm
If you are going to copy another game at least make it better lol!
this game has optimization problems, summoning rate issues, disconnect issues, dungeon issues and many other bad and annoying game flaws, don't even get me started on these events.
Let's start with the easiest one dungeons, farming light boon is such a joke. That's right I said it a joke!
How can you justify light7 already costing me 3 weeks of farming 27 refills and well over 3000 energy? Still no light boon.
Can't really talk about optimization or disconnect because it's at least supposedly being addressed.
Next let's talk about summoning rates. Yes I do like that they tell us the rates as I think it should be illegal not to, even Vegas has to disclose their rates. Why are they so bad? I mean you copy another game and then don't make it better for people to even want to switch. The standard right now for most gacha style games are 3-5%, or at least they should be.
Lastly why have every event seem geared towards your whales? Yes I get economics, I do understand loss and profits. But why make it so un fun your community doesn't even want to try them. Let's be real spend all your hard earned gold to most likely never get to the end unless you buy a gold pack is a joke.
Honestly this game has so many things that are annoying I struggle to keep playing it already.
Yes I'm sure there will be the trolls saying qq or go BK to your other game bla bla but honestly is this game better?
Not even can't even compare the arena. 5v5 is ok but again money driven.