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SHI Zburger

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hi guys,
any news about switching from my autofilled server to friend's one ?
it's a bit disappointing to not be able to play with friend ...
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Shock3r wrote:

The game is cross platform. However, since you've already played the game and are in different regions, your  set to a specific region. 

You can contact customer care in-game to see if they can swap you servers but I don't think this is a service we normally offer!


I really want to play this game but dont want to play without my friends. We are all waiting to start playing until we can be on the same server from different countries.. I emailed support but never got a response in 3 days..

 to play with my brother in law from canada. I didnt see a way to switch servers but we cant see eachother in game. Is there a way to switch that I dont see?Image