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F.A.Q - Dungeon Hunter Champions

Wed Aug 16, 2017 3:07 pm
General Questions  

1. What is Dungeon Hunter? 
Dungeon Hunter is an acclaimed hack-and-slash game franchise launched in 2009, which offers up intense, immersive action thanks to amazing controls and AAA graphics that are unrivaled on mobile. With more than 50 million downloads on iOS, Android and Windows, the Bounty Hunter's adventures have become the gold standard in the eyes of RPG fans.  

2. What is Dungeon Hunter Champions? 
Dungeon Hunter Champions is the latest chapter in the Dungeon Hunter series, expanding the DH universe and evolving from a pure hack-and-slash into a multiverse RPG. DHC breaks down boundaries and opens up infinite possibilities by combining a solo PvE campaign and 5v5 MOBA action.  

In Dungeon Hunter Champions, you’ll be able to control more than 275 Champions, with unique playstyles, specific roles and spectacular skills, and alternate between playing as the leader of a team in solo modes and as one of its members during online PvP battles.  

3. Why is Dungeon Hunter Champions not called Dungeon Hunter 6? 
Dungeon Hunter Champions is not a sequel to Dungeon Hunter 5, but instead a spin-off inside the rich universe of the DH series. It aims to provide the ultimate RPG experience by combining a solo PvE campaign and a MOBA.  

The first thing that players will notice is that, unlike in the rest of the franchise, the art direction is very colorful—which is visible both in the menus and in the designs of the Champions and environments. Speaking of characters, some of them will look familiar to Dungeon Hunter players even though they have been thoroughly reworked, while many others will be new additions to the incredible DHC multiverse, drawn from various eras and worlds.  

In Dungeon Hunter Champions, you will also need to set up and manage a team of Champions, and lead that party to victory.  

4. Why are some game modes marked as “Coming Soon”? 
Early access is meant to ensure that every aspect of Dungeon Hunter Champions is fully realized. We made the choice to gradually release the various game modes, and to collect player feedback at every step, in order to improve the gaming experience of RPG and MOBA fans.  

For now, we’re focusing on polishing the single-player modes, but other game modes such as PvP and multiplayer will be added as soon as they’re technically complete and instantly enjoyable.  

We’ll also continue to add new characters, gear and challenges during early access—and beyond!  

Keep in mind that the game is constantly evolving, and our team is working on resolving technical issues and making critical improvements.  

5. When does Dungeon Hunter Champions come out? 
We’re only at the beginning of the DHC adventure. The game should remain in early access for a couple of months, with regular updates providing fresh content and major improvements.  

We want to make sure that the game reaches its full potential before releasing it in several other countries and on every mobile platform.

As soon as we consider it ready—based on your feedback and our own technical benchmarks—we’ll make the most comprehensive action-RPG of all time available for everyone to enjoy.  

6. When will the game be updated? 
During early access, Dungeon Hunter Champions will benefit from regular improvement to fix bugs and provide balancing, but will also be enriched by original new content to keep your gaming experience exciting and challenging.  

7. Is Dungeon Hunter Champions free? 
Absolutely! Dungeon Hunter Champions is completely free to download, and every game mode will be accessible.  

You can make in-game purchases to improve your gear or speed up the improvement of your Champions, but you’ll always be able to enjoy the whole experience for free.  

8. In which countries is Dungeon Hunter Champions available? 
Dungeon Hunter Champions can be played in the Philippines for now, and will quickly be made available in several other countries. Like our Facebook page to be the first to know when your country is added.  

9. In which languages will Dungeon Hunter Champions be made available? 
Dungeon Hunter Champions is already available in English, and we will soon be able to provide you with Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, French, Russian, Italian, Arabic, Portuguese and Spanish versions of the game, among others, so that you won’t miss a second of the game’s rich storyline.  

10. On which platforms is Dungeon Hunter Champions available? 
As of now, the game can only be played on iOS, but we’re planning to make it available on Android and Windows. Stay tuned!  

11. Does Dungeon Hunter Champions require an Internet connection? 
It does! You’ll need to be connected to play Dungeon Hunter Champions so that you can get in touch with friends and allies, challenge and fight foes online, and synchronize with daily calendars and leaderboards.  

Stay tuned for more information about Dungeon Hunter Champions!
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