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Clan membership Sweep

Wed Jul 17, 2019 2:18 am
If Gameloft would boot all clan members who haven't participated in clan events after 30 days that would allow other clans to really see who and how many members they are competing against.  If the member comes back, the clan can let them back in.  There are just loads of clans who do not eject inactive members no matter how long they haven't played.  

I'm tired of looking into clans and seeing all these members and not knowing who is active.  Anyway, you guys should somehow solve this problem.  1-5 members should be your only competitors if you have only 1-5 members, so on and so forth.  Would that be asking a bit too much?

P.S.  The new dungeon ****.  Of course, that's my opinion.  Others may love it.  Idk.  It's just other mini games mashed up and put into another dish to serve us and I don't like the taste.  Plus, your freaking dragon avatar is always back at square 1 no matter how far into the dungeon you've gone.  

P.P.S.  The gem mine addition is nice even though it too is the same as above, same old ingredients with just a slightly different flavor.
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Re: Clan and Clan Chat

Fri May 14, 2021 5:36 am
Hi, i want to tell to add some options to clan chat like report means we can directly report players by that report buttons when they do wrong in clan chat !
and link working in clan chatLanguage translator
Development of clan leagues 
Idea of league 0 for example clans not have unlocked chip or have 0 score in last event of league 1 so they demoted to league 0 due to which most inactive clan go to league 0 and not fill up the league 1
Add new dragon to clansRariety of clan card packs . 
Add different types of rarity packs like 
Uncommon for league 0 or 1 reward 
RAre for league 2
Epic for league 3 
Legendary for league 4 
Divine for league 5 
As on each packs new dragon added
A question from league 4   only 20 players get promotion so how on league 5 there are 50 clan  20 promoted and 10 already on league 5.
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