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The Forum is a fabulous resource.

However I do find it dificult to quickly find out if server problems have been reported and what the repait status may be.

Would it be useful o have on the Tech Issues Topic a set of permanent threads (like the Guidelines) with one thread for each of the servers indicating any current connection issues plus a prognosis & perhaps ETA for repair?

This may save players multiply posting threads for the same problem & having to search for information.

Regards, P.
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This is a good idea, a pinned thread on server status in the Technical Issues forum. You're right, there are a lot of disconnected threads on server status that people end up having to search though. 👍
Duplicate threads makes reader's and moderator's lives harder. Common game save/restore issues and creating a Customer Care/Chat ID/Ticket. GL said NO to "Gift All" button.
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Absolutely. I am frustrated with the constant “Our developers are looking into it and we’ll get back to you “. The ads once more aren’t loading and the Cake Craze is not offering all the ingredients to cook the recipes. Acorns are yet to be available but are in two different recipes. I’m stuck even after re-rolls.
Also, the Enchantment Chest won’t open after the ads and makes the game/crash.