[Update 12] Patch Notes

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[Update 12] Patch Notes

Tue Feb 04, 2020 11:09 am
Update 12 is live on all platforms! You can get it here: https://gmlft.co/GetUPD12! So, what’s new?

Mythic Quests
Mythic Quests are another avenue for you to earn exciting rewards, including old - and new! - gear sets and Legendary items. You can find them as a new tab in the Quests menu.

When you accept a quest, time starts running out: you must complete it in 48 hours or forfeit the reward. The tasks required of you may be difficult, but we think they are fair and we'll be keeping an eye on your collective performance - if something's too hard, we'll tone it down.
Keep in mind that the magnitude of the reward is tied to the quest's difficulty. Extreme-difficulty quests are your best chance at Legendary items, including sets!

If a quest does not interest you, you can either leave it alone to be replaced after its timer runs out, or opt to replace it for Rubies. Another quest will be generated in its place, with a new difficulty, tasks and reward.

Should you, however, see another quest with a better reward that you like better than your currently active quest, you can choose to abandon it and chase the other shiny piece of gear. We know, we've done it ourselves.

Once you complete, fail or abandon a quest, it's spot on the quest board will be locked for about 24 hours. Once this timer expires, a new quest will be generated there.

Mythic Quests have five difficulties: Regular, Hard, Extreme, Brutal and Nightmare, and the rewards are matching the difficulty - the harder the quest is, the better reward you obtain.

Supported Languages
Three of the kingdom's languages shall no longer be in circulation: Portuguese, Turkish, and Thai. If you played in any of the languages in question, you will be prompted to choose another one that is still supported. Our Customer Care will also halt support in Portuguese, Turkish, and Thai.

Interface Improvements
Check out the Daily Rewards, Daily Quests and Achievements menus! Don’t they look neat?

Various Bug Fixes and Improvements
Because there's always room for improvement ;) 😉
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