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Agent trial issue

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Agent trial issue

Sun Jun 23, 2019 5:41 am
Hello everyone! As the subject suggests, I am having a problem regarding agent trial. If I want to try an agent, the agent I want to try does not appear on the trainning room. For eg, Suppose I want to try 'Monark' and I tapped the try button, the agent that I control in the trainning room is not 'Monark' but some other agent which I already have. This happens everytime when I tap the try button.

I know this is not a big issue but I want to try and know the weakness and strength of every agent which would help me to maximise the chances of winning the battle and this motivates me to play the game.

I hope the respected developers fix this issue as soon as possible.
Lastly, Thank you!
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Agent trial issue

Mon Jun 24, 2019 12:41 pm
Greetings Misbahul_Chowdhury,

I suggest you try getting in contact with our Support Team regarding this issue. A technical check is in order here and they are the ones that can perform them.

Good luck! :)