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There is a bug sometimes when I will join a game and I have all max abilities for all agents except I haven't bought them. This isn't bad except when I finish the game, my profile, coins, credits and everything at the top of the screen is missing and I can't join another game unless I restart the application. I play on windows 10 pc. I don't actually lose anything but it is annoying and has persisted for a week strait
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Wanna know something funny? The opposite can also happen to you : if you have max ability, it can suddenly turn into a non-maxed one, depends on the game's mercy. This happens when you got into a match in the very last seconds. Like when you join and suddenly the match already start. No wait time, but you run into so many issues you will want to restart your app, some of them you've described. Unfortunately this was dismissed only as a "harmless" display bug, while in reality it created so many more, not to mention the confusion for most players.
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