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Bugs and Issues 0.4.1

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Bugs and Issues 0.4.1

Thu May 25, 2017 11:43 pm
Greetings, Development Team! ūüėĀ¬†I encountered several bugs in these areas:---------------------------------------------------------
  • Trophy Rankings Display
  • Match Loading Screen
  • Training Room Graphics/Bug
  • Character Interface Mistake (Ronen)
Firstly, in the Trophy Ranking Display, there is a bug which lists the trophy rank that you are currently at without showing the symbol above it (circled in red). Here is a photo of the problem: https://ibb.co/dbUnQv------------------ ... --Secondly, prior to this bug, I would wait only 1-5 seconds before I would see other players in the match loading screen. Now, when I am waiting on the match loading screen, I am waiting for several minutes and still not a single player would appear. This bug has prevented me from playing the multiplayer feature of MCVS for three weeks already. Currently, I am still not able to play. Here is a photo of the problem: https://ibb.co/gOoxQv As well, the correlative phenomena of the missing trophy symbol could be a possible hint at the causation of this issue. A possible causation of this particular problem could be the general area of the trophy rankings addressed in the first point. From my understanding (and correct me if I am wrong), the multiplayer matching system is based heavily upon the number of trophies of players and matches them accordingly. Theoretically, I should still be able to play with other players around/at 2300 trophies, since I have a trophy count of exactly 2300. However, this is not the case.  Another contributing factor could be the use of my VPN to access the soft launch of MCVS in the Philippines. I did read posts regarding issues experienced by users using VPN. However, I played every version of MCVS released by the Development Team and had no issues regarding these points. This leads me to the conclusion that the VPN is not the issue. The issue could largely be due to the recent update of 0.4.1. in attempt to fix broken codes in the game, "good" codes have been broken somewhere.------------------------------------------------------------------------Thirdly, two bugs in the training room have been found regarding the reflections cast onto the walls.  In the first bug, a Korp Grunt is seen standing in a somewhat anatomical posture at one end of the chasm on the wall. However, the Korp Grunt that is cast on the wall remains in its anatomical posture (circled in red), while the moving Korp Grunt is still moving around.  Here is a photo of the problem: https://ibb.co/cbSwJF The second issue of reflection is seen at the left entrance when spawning in the training room. The reflection of the entrance way is poorly articulated in terms of graphics (circled in red).  Here is a photo of the problem: https://ibb.co/hm1TXa------------------ ... ---------- Lastly, the character interface for Ronen displays the "Reload" icon on the bottom right hand corner (circled in red). Since he is currently the only agent without a ranged weapon as his primary, there would be no use for "Reloading" his katana. I do not know if this was intentional to hint for ranged weapons in future updates for Ronen or simply just a minute overlook by the Development Team. However, in my personal opinion, when he is wielding the katana, there should be no "Reloading" icon for Ronen. Here is a photo of the problem: https://ibb.co/hPUtyF------------------ ... ---------- I appreciate all the hard work that the Development Team is putting into MCVS. I have recently read some really nasty posts from testers regarding the new updates. Don't let those nasty posts get you guys down. It is difficult to say the least when creating a new game of a popular series! If the Development Team can figure out how to get me back into the action, I would be more than happy to squish some more bugs! Image - SOULOFDAWN ------------------------------------------------------------------------Game Software Info: MCVS version: 
  • 0.4.1 (92539)
Device Info:
  • iPhone 7
  • iOS 10.2.1
VPN Info:
  • Cloudwall VPN
  • Version: 1.2.0
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Re: Bugs and Issues 0.4.1

Fri May 26, 2017 2:26 pm
Hey there,

Thanks a lot for this comprehensive list of bugs! And also for your kind words. ;) We are aware there're a number of crashes and issues affecting the community after the 0.4.1 update and we'll fix those with future updates. This said, it's true that the use of VPN can still generate for you more problems than not using it.

About R0nen: while it's true that "reloading" a katana does not make that much sense, the small cooldown for each katana slash is intended in terms of balancing. Next update is bringing a more effective way of showing when R0nen can perform his slashes. 

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