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This new update has made the game ACTUALLY unplayable for me, not only did it always have issues to even connect, giving an error. Now once i get in, for example training. I get kicked out quickly, now the best part is, to find a match, it just keeps on searching for a minute then gives an error. Hit okay and it still searches, if i hit cancel and hit find a match again. Game crashes, game went from playable to broken in 2 updates lol. (Note: I completely understand that the game is in SOFT LAUNCH and is suppose to be bugs and glitches, i'm just letting the forums know that the current update bugged the game, so the devs can hopefully solve the issues and get the game going with more updates)
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Hey there,

We are hearing you out and clear. ;) We are working on the next update, which includes new tweaks to the game and further improvements. We are also looking to expand to further countries and that should ameliorate the current matchmaking situation.

Thanks a lot for your patience and cheers!
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