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How to report a bug on the forums?

Tue Apr 18, 2017 3:39 pm
Hey there,

If you have come across a bug in Modern Combat Versus the best thing you can do is to report it, so our team is aware of it and can start working to fix it. Each time you want to report a bug on the forums, make sure that you follow these steps:

1. Check first whether there’s an identical report on this section already (do a quick search on the search bar, sorting it by forum content). Sometimes there may be more people experiencing the same issue.
2. If there is not, create a new topic with a direct and descriptive title.
3. Please describe the bug you have encountered, adding as many details as possible (occurrence, how often it happened, when it happened, what's the result, etc).
* Screenshots are normally great; videos on how to reproduce it, even better.
4. Do not forget the platform you are using and the name of your device.

Please note that due to time constrictions, it’s not possible for us to answer here all the bug reports one by one. Rest assured that we are scanning the forums on a daily basis as well as receiving bug tickets via our Customer Care web portal (http://support.gameloft.com/OnlineAndSo ... ction/697/) so our team is always updated about the bugs that you guys are experiencing.

Thanks a lot for following our guidelines.

Your MCVS Team
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