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More bugs to look into

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More bugs to look into

Sat Apr 15, 2017 2:55 pm
Hello Gameloft!

Thank you for the new game you provided the community with. As this is just a soft launch, i would like to list out every bug i noticed while playing.
1.) occasionally during battle, my agent with die and not spawn back. In other words, the screen would freeze. while refreshing and coming back on, the would provide an error notification, preventing myself from entering the game for atleast 5 minutes. Once returning, the game would  attempt to reconnect me to the server. If i clicked cancel, however, the game would crash
2.) when i. Clicked training mode and wanted to return back to the homesceen, the exit button would not work. I would be forced to refresh my app
3.) as you heard before in a previous comment, ipad mini is not functioning properly.