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Fri Dec 21, 2018 4:44 am
In these times of change, where the old have gone, where the new are struggling to find good company, we've come together to restart what we did in the beginning. 

The clan wars may be over now, and once mighty clan flags now flailing in the wind but there are more battles to be fought. 

The toxic clouds and dramas may have passed but they will always return to those that crave them.

Above all and against these times we seek unity and renewal.

Here comes a time where old war dogs like us band together, where we put aside our differences and fight as one. 

A time where one of the best remaining players in Asia and new fighters join hands to forge ahead.

Our goal is to reunite active players in Asia, pioneers or fresh blood. 

We are not a clan. They are all but almost dead. We are a new beginning, a restart, a new time.

The time is now. Join us in this NU ERA.