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What happened?

Wed Dec 02, 2020 8:22 am
Even though the game is ridden by unfair microtransaction, the core game is good.

Been neglecting the game for awhile and yesterday I decided to have play some matches.

A new agent added, so means Gameloft haven't abandon this game completely

But my oh my my ping was hovering around 100-200, spiking up to 2000ms

Back then I can get below 100 or most of the time below 50

What happen? Gameloft shutting down some of this game servers? Or is this bug within the new game (on which I experience on each COD mobile updates).

If this game is dead, just make a sequel or a new franchise out of it already.

What I like mostly about this game is the character designs, the simplicity of it (no jump, crouch, slide, wallrun, etc), the gun feel, and overall graphic. It even still look way much better than COD mobile, but definitely perform tons better than COD mobile.

Those are the elements of the game that Gameloft should keep. And probably just adopt COD mobile style of microtransaction. Those feel much fair, since they don't alter the gameplay or character stats. And you better believe me I've spent more on COD mobile than in this game, or any other microtransactions or even when buying AAA games.