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Players are dumb even with voice chat and dont listen  as is but can u imagine only being able to say hello or hit the group up button twice?? Its horrible every game I ever lost was with skilled players that just cant multitask as in listen to u spam group up or see it in the top left corner but are skilled enough to bring the game to a close call.. each and everyone of those times we were up against a team that stuck together while I try to get our spread apart team together as they get picked of 1 by 1 but still managed to cap areas or get enough kills to lose by 2 kills or by 5 points max in capping an obj  if I could actually talk to these people and explain to them the team is grouped and that's why were not dominating we wouldn't lose those battles and the capture the zone game mode would last longer than a minute and 30 seconds cus 2 teams working together would be fighting back and forth for it... you have the whole game set up on team work with tanks support and assassin roles how could you leave out the absolute most important thing in a game relying on team work literally  built on team work absolutely no way to work with you team? If u add voice chat or even better text chat for those that are headset shy it should change the entire game make it last longer and be so much more fun that you could actually put a price on it instead of it being free cus as of now without that feature that's the only thing that make sense for this to be a free game add voice chat and I'd actually spend 20 plus bucks on this and still leave a great review but only once u implement a chat feature