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Monark's New Gun

Mon Oct 05, 2020 3:15 am
This is not a worthwhile endeavor to get. 

It took a decent amount of time to get a "better" gun for my favorite character. All my points went towards it. I just got it today. And it is garbage. It takes way too long to shoot. If there was more sniper nests, or more open areas for other players to be stuck in without cover, it would be worth it. But as it sits, I went from an avarage of 10 kills per game (sometimes up to 15, even had an 18 once on a single round game), to drop down to 2 to 4 kills, cause I have a pistol. That is not fun. I won't be using this gun any more. and I am sad I used so many points to get it. 

He already takes forever to take a shot. Why make him worse. 

Monark has no defense, no HP, and his pistol health is still kind of a joke at level 50 when you can use it. He is weak. But he is a good sniper. The gun is the only thing that makes him good. And at times, the pistols speed is nice. But head him up against someone who has an automatic weapon and he is toast in close quarters... oh, everyone pretty much beats him. ****. The only thing going for him is that he can snipe good. Now the new gun is too slow to do that. 

Please fix this. 

But I don't think that anything will come of it.

Just like the fix for Ronen. He is OP, unless you are Blaze or Kult. And even then... Oh look, I died.

I am sour right now. I just expected a better gun. Now I feel like I wasted my time. And like I am wasting my time playing the game anymore. 

What does life even mean 

Why did I post this

Does anyone even care...