Got any suggestions for Modern Combat Versus? Post them here!
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Great suggestions - edited for more!!!

Fri Jul 24, 2020 5:05 pm
-More emblems ( Add a 2nd buy option. e.g. with coins )
-More Character / gun / chest camo's
-Able to play with friends in a custom lobby ( No bots or with Bots )
-Ability to reroll on gear stats of choice.
-Ability to reroll on challenges if player dont have certain character.
-Watch ad's for green diamonds
-New game modes ( capture the flag, Search & Destroy, Hardpoint- where capture zone moves multiple locations )
-Add a menu for each game mode to choose from
-Increase team size up 1 or 2
-Add a voice or something to notify player when getting a headshot
-Names above/below icons when in "searching lobby"
-Kill streaks ( certian amount of kills player can use a stim shot or a recon for whole team to see enemy )
-More points to win or reduce point gain per kill / bounty coin
-Leave lobby button during in-game

-Chat function ( searching lobby, main screen )
-Friends list with a private messenger or send mail to friend feature
-Add more Quick chat options

-Kults gas shouldn't slow down aim speed while being gas damaged
-Ronin shouldn't be dealing damage when not swinging / when not near a player

-Ability to wack with weapon
-Add a secondary weapon e.g. pistol
-Weapon Attachments ( scopes , silencers for AR's and such )
-Heal ability ( with wait time to use again or purchased item ordinary to use )

-Fix mouse lag / latency
-Fix crashes ( in searching lobby's )
-Fix bug when coming back from a crash currency doesn't load in properly.
-Fix gun fire sound from across the map sounding close
-Add bug report button

-Add how many death's to player stats
-Add stats to each character ( like another tab )
-Add 2 more mastery's to agents ( 4 and 5 star )

-Clan Invite button
-Add more clan ranks ( Member, Recruit, ect. )
-Show clan ranks in clan menu
-Clan war game mode
-Clan level ( acheived while winning in a clan event, or participating in game lobbys with clan members. )