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Re: KNOX'S Turret must be debuffed

Wed Jan 02, 2019 8:35 am
1. No one told you to go 1v1 against Knox with Mi-Nu or Creeper.
2. Yes, he has a lot of ammo and HP...because he's a defender?
3. He can hide behind his turret. No one tries to attack Knox or his turret when it's pointing straight at them unless it's health is low or some other good reason. Otherwise, that's just an absolute ****.

Now, I know that he can camp in corners and hide behind his turret, but now that his core charge has increased, he's now much more vulnerable than he was. Knox is really easy to use, hence the annoying, yet not OP turret spam. I also used to think that Knox was OP until I realized that most of the time it's because of my super smart teammates trying to charge head-on against the turret.
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