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[Update 1.14] Patch Notes

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[Update 1.14] Patch Notes

Mon Nov 25, 2019 12:04 pm
Update 14 is now live on Android and iOS, while Windows and Steam versions will follow next month.
The Patch notes can be found below.
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Agent Witch - Skin: Hex (you didn't see that coming!)
Agent Hashtag - Skin: Argon
Agent Sarge - Skin: Airborne
Agent Ghost - Skin: Night Stalker


Player level bonus
What we like about the level bonus is that it pushes players to explore and invest in new agents, and it’s a great thing! But it might be destructive if it’s being overused... So we decided to rebalance the level bonus!
New level bonus will give less overall bonus and will slow down its growth starting from level 15. We hope it brings more balanced and competitive play for all agents.

Gear 6 upgrade chances increased
We increased Gear 6 upgrade chances. Not it will have similar or even greater chance of upgrade than Gear 5 has.

Early leagues rewards reduced
Rewards for Starter, Bronze and Silver leagues were reduced to make a difference between starting and higher leagues.


  1. Weapon reload time increased from 1,7 to 1,8 seconds.
  2. Gunshow Core charge speed increased by 20%.
Developer comments: We like the way Revolv feels right now, a true deadly gunslinger. These small tunings should balance her rampage streaks.

  1. Ammo capacity decreased by one bullet.
  2. Shield core charge speed increased by 40%.
Developer comments: We like the way Towers started to use their shields, but sometimes you see a Tower running around with a shield up all the time and it makes you wonder whether the dude needs his shotgun at all. With these changes, we aim to bring more balance between using a shield and a shotgun.

  1. Health decreased by 5%.
  2. Deflect armor core charge speed increased by 25%.
Developer comments: After the last patch, Ronen became a deadly melee warrior, he’s got tons of protection especially when he uses his ability two times in a row, making him almost invulnerable for most of the agents. With these changes we want to increase the frequency of Ronen being vulnerable - not every bullet should kiss like a butterfly! 😉

  1. Damage increased by 8,5%.
  2. Ammo 25 -> 23.
  3. Adrenaline movement speed decreased by 16%.
Developer comments: Is that a speed hacker? No, it's Mi-Nu! That speed buff was the most discussed thing after the previous balance changes. We still see her as the fastest hero in the game, but now she shares this title with Ronen. We also increased her damage, but decreased her magazine capacity, making the aiming skill more crucial for this agent. Meow?

  1. Health increased by 6,6%.
  2. Weapon damage increased by 7,5%.
  3. Mobility increased from 5 to 5,3.
Kult is one of the hardest agents for new players to master, we want to increase their satisfaction from playing this agent. As for the high-level Kults, these changes should make Kult more competitive in meta, but not over the edge.

  1. Hack Drone Core charge speed increased by 16%.
  2. Hack Drone health increased by 20%.
  3. Damage increased by 4,5%.
Developer comments: With the proper gear set, Hashtag could have his drone ability with no cooldown, sometimes this could be extremely annoying. To compensate for this, we increased Hashtag's damage and drone health.

  1. Teleport Core charge speed increased by 50%.
Developer comments: Creeper has the fastest ability recharge in the game: 11,2 seconds! But now he’ll teleport less frequently for sure!😉
PS: We’ll keep an eye on that agent 👀

*Please note that everything listed in these patch notes is subject to change at any time. Please refer to your live game and in-game announcements for the latest game statuses.