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GAMELOFT does not play the game, I ask for sanctions against them

I am extremely disappointed and angry after Gameloft which offers games that they leave more or less abandoned, no patches, no regular updates, they are done by rotation between their different game and the team of dev does not follow ... moreover the conditions of obtaining certain items that allow progress are simply unattainable, in short games misread, poorly tracked, do not count on the Gameloft forums, they will not answer you even if you have invested money in their games ... I strongly recommend games GAMELOFT and I suggest to Microsoft to look at this more closely and take them out of the Microsoft Store until they change their way of doing things, too much discontent will agree with me I think. GAMELOFT you are scorning with your players and do not deserve your situation here and if all the players reviewed their comments after experience at stake then you would probably be very very misclassified. I banished you

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