Pedestrian Riot

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Do you think that Pedestrian Riot would be a good feature to add to Gangstar New Orleans?

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Pedestrian Riot

Fri Aug 16, 2019 8:43 pm
I think an amazing thing to add into Gangstar New Orleans is a Pedestrian Riot feature. Pedestrian Riot is a feature that can be obtained in GTA 5 (that is where I got the idea from). It causes all civilians to have guns and become aggressive. This leads to every person in the city fighting eachother. That would take the chaos that is already present in the city to the next level. So, Gameloft, if you could introduce a feature that can be turned on and off and makes all civilians armed and aggressive, I would be grateful, and I am that certain others would be, too. I am confident that most players would enjoy this feature. Besides, if they didn’t, they could turn the feature off. Pedestrian Riot would be a cool thing to add to the game.

P.S. Consider a special event that, when completed, rewards the player with a flamethrower.