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Hi Gangstars!
Here are the release notes for V1.0.0.
As always, please keep in mind that the game is still being tested, so don’t forget to use the Forums to submit any issues you might come across! Enjoy the new update and show us your high scores in Mayhem!
  • New game mode: Mayhem.
    1. Creating havoc in the city will no longer be free! How long can you cause Mayhem for in New Orleans?
  • Major changes to the city.
    1. Improvements to overall traffic within the city, which is now less crowded and more dynamic.
    2. Police will now roam the city (on foot and in patrol vehicles).
    3. Vehicles and pedestrians will no longer appear and disappear randomly.
  • You can now use multiple health kits inside any mission!
  • Added three new vehicles: the Dementor, the Hybris and the Saguaro!
  • Improvements to super jumps!
  • New daily quest added for Mayhem.
  • New achievements added for Mayhem
  • Improved visuals for bundles in the store.
    1. Content of bundles will now be much clearer.
  • Improved event menus for increased readability.
  • An Outfit menu has been added to the Map screen. It will now be easier to customize your Gangstar!
  • Improved overall graphics. Cars and characters will now react to lighting.
  • Improved loading time on all devices. Loading the game will now be twice as fast!
  • Various issue fixes and improvements.
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