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Hi Gangstars!
Here are the release notes for V.0.6.3
Once again thank you to everyone participating in this testing phase of Gangstar New Orleans. We’re very impressed by your suggestions, feedback and level of activity and are working hard to improve the game daily for all Gangstars.
As always, please keep in mind the game is still being tested so don’t forget to submit any issues you may come across on the Forums!
  • Improvements to running and sprinting.
  • Improved jumping and climbing making them less trigger sensitive.
  • Improved driving camera.
  • Improvements towards shooting priorities.
  • Improved starting missions.
  • Power index is now available in fusing menu!
  • Fusion reveals have been improved.
  • Maxed items are now visible directly in the inventory.
  • Minimap zoom level now changes depending on your current state (On foot, in vehicle and depending on your current speed).
  • Your next story mission now appears as an icon on the edge of your minimap
  • Mission marks in the city were improved.
  • Improved Jar opening animations
  • Fixed an issue that made blustr not appear on launch
  • Improved pedestrian reactions in the city when in panic mode.
  • Pedestrians can now take their vehicle back.
  • Improved driving reactions from civilians in vehicles.
  • Further improved police chases.
  • Turfs will now grant different points per minute.
  • Playing repeatable missions will now grant you Turf points.
  • Improved menu for Turf Wars.
  • League promotion and demotion rules have been reworked.
  • Fixed issue where Turf Wars “successful” report was not displayed.
  • Fixed issue where you would not be reported while being raided.
  • Turf panels will now display the number of points that Turf produces.
  • GPS was improved.
  • Fixed an issue in chat where messages were being posted twice sometimes.
  • Fixed an issue where chat was empty when launching the game.
  • Improved spawning system
  • Improved push notifications. You will now be notified when a player has 40% influence on your Turf.
  • Improved overall lighting in the city
  • Improved resolution on higher end devices
  • Fixed an issue not allowing players to claim 1-star Jars
  • Improvements to Power Index warning popup
Community Manager for Dungeon Hunter Champions & Gangstar New Orleans