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What’s up Gangstars!
Here are the complete release notes for V.0.5.6
Thanks to everyone participating in this testing phase of the game, we really appreciate it! Keep in mind that the game is still going through some tweaking and balancing to get it ready for Global Launch. Keep the threads coming. We might not answer to every single one, but we read everything you send!
  • Reduced the length of the tutorial missions
  • Improved police behavior
    1. Chases are now more realistic
    2. Police stats have been balanced
  • Improved sprint animations
  • Fixed issue where Thugs weren’t displaying damage increase when Fusing.
  • Fixed issue with some weapons not Evolving.
  • Improved vehicle suggestion in mission screen. Now your vehicle with the highest Power Rating will be suggested.
  • Improved Thug suggestion in mission screen. Thugs will now be suggested based on their chance of success and availability. 
  • Fixed issue that made Character weapon HP not being taken into consideration in Turf Wars. Turf bosses will now be more powerful!
  • Mission and event difficulty has been balanced
  • Improved transitions in Missions and Cutscenes
  • Many missions level design were improved!
  • Event banners were improved and now display reward types
  • Limited time Spirit Jar menu was improved
  • Improvements to the map. You can now see Spirit Jars, Inventory, Turf War and Events directly on your map.
  • Player avatars will now be displayed correctly everywhere in-game
  • Player badge now makes it easier to see which Turfs you own
  • Duplicate items will now automatically be dismantled.
  • Currency and resource icons now provide more precise information
  • Item categories were tweaked
  • Fixed minor issues with Store Bundles
  • Various issues fixed.
Community Manager for Dungeon Hunter Champions & Gangstar New Orleans