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Hi Gangstars!
Here are the release notes for V.0.5.1!
I’d like to thank everyone for the feedback they’ve been giving to make this game better every update! Keep in mind that the game is still going through some tweaking and balancing to get it ready for Global Launch. Keep the feedback coming, it’s greatly appreciated!
  • Power Rating now lets you know your current item power and the missions suggested requirement.
  • You can now set waypoints by tapping and holding a specific spot on the map
  • User now takes damage when jumping from a moving vehicle
  • Boats are now much more enjoyable to use
  • You can now switch controls while controlling a motorbike
  • Drastically improved Assault Rifles recoil and improved critical damage
  • Vehicles general durability was decreased
  • First story mission no longer has a timer
  • Greatly lowered requirements for missions
  • Completing missions with Thugs will now grant you XP
  • Potential mission reward quantities are now displayed on the mission’s side panel.
  • Fixed some issues with missions.
  • Mission icons are now displayed around the mini-map
  • Police vehicles were made less aggressive
  • Made some tweaks to Thug HP while fusing and evolving.
  • Users will now be notified when Thugs successfully defend a Turf
  • Correct names will now be displayed when being raided by another user
  • Tweaks were made to certain Thugs.
  • Gyroscope controls now allow you do “wheelies” and “stoppies” with a motorbike
  • Players no longer spawn at a random place when game is reloaded
  • Updated map visuals
  • Fixed different display issues.
Community Manager for Dungeon Hunter Champions & Gangstar New Orleans