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Hi everyone!

Here are the release notes for V.0.4.4.

Please remain aware that the game is still going through a phase of tweaking and balancing to make it the best possible. We are looking at your feedback on a daily basis to improve everything we can. Thanks for your patience and your help.  :P

  • Controls have been tweaked to ease gameplay
  • Updated sensitivity for better control
  • Improved overall camera sensitivity
  • Improved pad to avoid players from moving camera instead of moving player
  • Improved view angle for better vision and space awareness
  • Improved vehicle delivery to notify users when delivering is not available
  • Fixed an issue that made enemy NPCs not deal damage in repeatable missions
  • Improved connection time when disconnecting from game.
  • Cars no longer disappear at the end of a mission
  • Improved flow on cemetery mission
  • Removed item requirements for story missions
  • Improved flow of tutorial missions
  • Changes to various missions
  • New cut scenes for certain missions
  • Improved mission requirements menu
  • UI improvements have been made for collectibles
  • Improved Turf domination flow
  • Fixed some issues that made Turf bosses not fire at users
  • Fixed an issue that made Bomber Posse not move during Turf domination
  • Fixed various issues with Game Center and Blustr
  • Improved to retina resolutions for iPhone 6s and iPhone 7
  • Rebalanced the content of certain Jars
  • Improved colors for some vehicles
  • Fixed issues that made vehicles not change colors when painted
  • Various other issues have been fixed
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