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Hi everyone!

We'll be rolling out minor fixes here and there while the game is being tested in certain regions. We’re aware the game has certain glitches and we see your feedback daily. Keep it coming!

Here is a full list of changes for V.0.4.0:
  • Improved controls on foot, shooting and driving
  • Camera tweaks for better visibility during fights
  • Running and shooting at the same time is now more dynamic
  • Improved targeting system when changing targets
  • Fixed reloading while in cover
  • Fixed boat acceleration
  • Improved animations while running, sprinting and strafing
  • Improved smoothness of moving NPCs and vehicles
  • Faster aiming for rifles and snipers
  • Increased speed at which you take cover after firing a weapon
  • Climbing and jumping tolerance was increased
  • Car delivery was improved as it was impossible in some situations
  • Vehicle was replaced in first mission with a vehicle easier to handle
  • Cemetery Mission early in game was balanced
  • Sous-Chef Mission: Flow of the mission was improved to make it easier to navigate in sewers.
  • Lowered difficulty for Universal Unrest event.
  • Daily quests now give energy to allow players to play more
  • Improved mission icons placement on map
  • AI strafing and shooting improved.
  • Police no longer chases main character after being arrested in story mission
  • Sniper will swap weapon when his target is in close range.
  • Fixed an issue that displayed an error message when Thugs were moved in edit mode
  • Fixed an issue not allowing Thugs to be assigned to Turfs
  • Fixed an issue that made posse disappear when switching with another posse
  • Fixed an issue where AI did not shoot MC in some missions
  • Fixed other minor issues.
  • Improved FPS in menus
  • Other minor issues have been fixed.
Community Manager for Dungeon Hunter Champions & Gangstar New Orleans