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How do the advertisements work?

Wed Mar 29, 2017 11:40 am
The ‘ads-buttons’ (this is how we call the buttons that trade your watch-time against various gifts in Asphalt) have helped a lot of players to progress in Asphalt Xtreme. We will explain how they work in this article; let’s get on with it!
Ads button availability
The availability of advertisements can differ from one platform to another and from one country to another. It is frequent and normal that one do not see them in the game. In that case, please remain patient until a new ad appears. Normally, a player should have at least a few opportunities to watch several ads every day.
Why are the ads-buttons absent or ‘grayed out’?
This means that there isn’t any advertising campaign going on in your region, or on your platform at the moment. Keep on playing, the buttons will come back at some point, even though it is not possible to predict exactly when they’ll do.
Why are the ads button displayed, but nothing happens when the player taps on it, or the button gets stuck on ‘loading’?
Sometimes, the game keeps loading the video but nothing happens. This means that there is a connectivity issue. In that case, one should make sure that his network is working properly, or try another network. If you made sure that your Internet connection works properly but the problem persists, please contact our Customer Care team and we will check at your account. 
How to obtain Tokens, get a free box and refill your oil every day just by watching an ad?
Check out the areas of the main menu circled in red below. Whenever you see them available on-screen tap on them quickly! We can’t guarantee how many will be available, nor for how long. Note that one might be able to watch more or less ads depending on the moment, the platform and the country.
Why are there less ads on Windows Mobile 10 or Windows 8.1?
Currently, there are less ads supported on these platforms; this is normal. It might change in the future, we will keep you updated.