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The war is not over yet… Discover more of Zombie Anarchy with the new update!

15 new PVE challenges in all new locations:
  • The affliction has spread East and West, gain control of Suburbia and the Waterfront with 15 new PVE challenges in all new locations.
Shield Timers:
  • Now you can see when and for how long you're pretected by a Shield!
The DDC have been experimenting... 

The Cure:
  • Discover a new experimental tool that can heal Survivors while damaging the Afflicted during battle!
Mugger Mines:
  • Deploy the Mugger Mines! Defend your camp with a mutated mine that explodes on contact and releases a dangerous Mugger from the ground. Be warned this is a dangerous weapon and only the more advanced players are granted its use from the DDC.