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Frequently Asked Questions

Tue Oct 18, 2016 2:24 pm
Dear all! 

Here's a list of Frequently Asked Questions and their answers to shed some light about Zombie Anarchy.

Use it wisely! :)

·  How do I get more quests?
You will unlock another quest chapter every time you reach a new player level!
·  What is the blue bar that sometimes appears over the health bar?
This is Armor. It functions in exactly the same way as health, but you don't keep it between attacks.
·  How do I get Armor?
You can get Armor from various sources, like Igor's HAZMAT ability and the Raider's Revenge item. Some units start every attack with some Armor.
·  What are the skulls I get during an attack?
The skulls are a measure of how well you're doing during an attack.
·  How do I earn more skulls?
You can earn up to 3 skulls. You can earn 1 by destroying the HQ in the level. You can earn another by destroying more than 50% of the structures in the level. You can earn another by destroying 100% of the structures in the level.
·  This level is really hard! How do I beat it?
If you are having trouble with a level, try upgrading your survivors and make sure they are all fully healed before attacking. Ensure you're using your survivors' abilities. Items are very powerful and can help clear a difficult level. Some levels have a trick or require strategy to beat them, so look closely at the environment.
·  My game crashed/lost connection during an attack. What will happen?
Your survivors will automatically retreat to conserve their health if the game detects that you have crashed or lost connection. If you caused enough damage for a victory, you will be credited with a victory. You can even watch a replay of what happened in the activity log!
·  Why does an HQ take damage when I destroy other buildings?
An HQ is a powerful building that is supported by the other structures in the camp. Destroying the other structures in the camp weakens the HQ, making it easier to destroy. You should always try and weaken the HQ by destroying other structures first.
·  Can I see a replay of one of my attacks?
While in the camp or on the map, tap the activity log icon on the left of the screen. Tap the My Raids tab, find the attack you wish to watch a replay of and tap it. Tap the View Battle icon on the pop-up to view the replay.
·  What is Zombie Hunt? How does it work?
Zombie Hunt is a mini-game in which you can win prizes by shooting zombies with the survivors' van! You will only have 3 shots, so pick your targets wisely!
·  What is Focus? How do I get more?
Focus is a resource used to activate survivor abilities. You earn Focus during an attack by destroying structures.
·  Can I pre-select the survivors and items I want to take on an attack?
Yes! In the camp, tap on the Van, then tap on either the survivor or item icon, depending on what you'd like to pre-select. Then swipe left or right and tap to select or equip survivors or items. This will now be your default selection when attacking.
·  I can't select the Survivors I want for a quest level.
Some quest levels require you to use a certain survivor team for story purposes.
·  I finished a quest level but it didn't count!
Check the quest objective. Some objectives require you to earn a certain amount of skulls in a level in order to complete the objective.
·  If I skip a quest objective, do I still get the rewards?
Yes! If you skip a quest objective with Bloodstones, you will still receive the rewards for completing it.
·  I can't skip a quest objective!
Some quest objectives are mandatory and must be completed rather than skipped.
·  What do the different level icons mean?
A zombie hand represents a camp overrun by the Affliction. A gun represents a camp held by another player.
·  What do the numbers on the level icons mean?
This is the difficulty of the level. For the highest chance of success, the levels of the survivors you take into an attack should be as close to the difficulty as possible.
·  What are Bounty Quests?
Bounty Quests are a series of objectives that you can complete each day to earn Bloodstones!
·  How do I attack a location?
If in the camp, tap the map icon on the bottom right. If on the map, tap any icon with a zombie hand or a gun, then tap Scout in the pop-up that appears. You will now be scouting that location. Tap Attack to attack the location.
·  What can I do during the Scout phase?
While scouting, you can change your survivor line-up (bottom left). You can also change the items you're taking with you (bottom right). Scouting is also very useful for viewing the level, seeing what enemies are present and planning for how to overcome the challenges ahead.
·  What can I win in Zombie Hunt?
Almost anything! Salvage, Food, Gas, upgrade materials, items and Bloodstones are all up for grabs!
·  How do I access Zombie Hunt?
If you earn 3 skulls on a level, you will be sent to Zombie Hunt once the level is complete. You can also access Zombie Hunt from the map for a payment of Bloodstones.
·  How do I get more items?
The primary way to get more items is through the Zombie Hunt mini-game. They may also occasionally be available as rewards for events or purchased with Bloodstones.
·  How do I take more items into an attack?
In the camp, upgrade your Van in order to bring more items to an attack.
·  Can I make items more powerful?
All you have to do is upgrade your HQ! The higher your HQ level is, the more powerful your items become!
·  Is there a limit to how many items I can have?
No, you can store as many as you can find!
·  When is Zombie Anarchy set?
Zombie Anarchy is set 20 years after a catastrophic event that has wiped out most of humanity. This event is commonly referred to as the Anarchy. The wasteland left behind is slowly being reclaimed by nature. The emerging greenery is contrasted by a vicious red crystal known as Bloodstones, growing wherever it can take hold. The remaining human survivors refer to Bloodstones and the creatures that carry it as the Affliction. The player controls a new camp attempting to gain a foothold in a strongly Afflicted area.
·  Who am I?
You are the Boss, the leader of a new camp trying to gain a foothold in a dangerous area of the wastes. You have your work cut out for you in trying to push back the Affliction and bandits roaming the new turf gifted to you by the Trade Guilds in return for your services.
·  Who are the Trade Guilds?
The Trade Guilds are a series of independently run organizations that control a great deal of the wealth and trade in the wastes. Due to their wealth, they have a great deal of influence. They emerged in the early days of the Anarchy, dealing as middlemen between survivors and the DDC, trading collected Bloodstones to the DDC for food, weapons and equipment which they then traded back to other survivors for more Bloodstones.
·  Who are the DDC?
The Department of Disease Control was a hastily assembled but well-equipped faction tasked with controlling the Affliction in the early days of the Anarchy. Undermanned and overequipped, they contracted other survivors to collect Bloodstones for them in return for resources. This caused the foundation of the Trade Guilds and the Bloodstone economy. Approximately 5-10 years after the Anarchy, when it became apparent the Affliction could not be controlled, the DDC retreated to their sterile fortresses, leaving the rest of the wastes to perish. They have been periodically spotted wandering the wastes since then, but make no attempt to contact other survivors.
·  Who are the Sons of Adam?
The Sons of Adam are a dangerous raider group known for their devastating hit-and-run tactics. The electrified field knife known as the Sun Shiv was invented by the Sons and is now used against the Afflicted across the wastes. Many survivors suspect that they have military origins that date back to the early days of the Anarchy. This explains their organization and firepower, but leaves many other questions unanswered. What was their mission? How did they become known as the Sons? What do they want now?
·  What rewards can I get from Events?
Almost everything! Salvage, Food, Gas, upgrade materials, items and Bloodstones are all up for grabs!
·  When do Events become available?
Events become available at player level 4.
·  How do I raid other players? There aren't any on my map.
Tap the gun icons on your map. These are enemy player camps. If there aren't any on your map, check back shortly and more should appear.
·  Why is there a human camp on my map that I cannot attack?
You cannot attack a camp if the owner is online or if they are already under attack. Try again shortly.
·  How do I remove an enemy human camp from my map?
Human camps will only remain on your map for 16 hours; after this time, they will be replaced.
·  What are Trophies? How do I get more of them?
Trophies are a measure of how well you are performing against other players. You earn them by defeating other player camps and lose them when your camp is destroyed by another player.
·  What are Leagues? How do I get into higher Leagues?
Players are sorted into Leagues depending on their trophy count. The higher your trophy count, the higher the league you will be placed in. Attack other players to raise your trophy count to climb the leagues.
·  What rewards can I get from Leagues?
Each week you will receive a reward based on the highest league you managed to reach. The higher the league, the better the reward. Rewards include increasing amounts of Salvage, Food and Gas.
·  Can I attack someone who attacked me?
While in the camp or on the map, tap the activity log icon on the left of the screen. Ensure you're in the Enemy Attacks tab. Tap the attack you would like to retaliate against, then tap the Revenge icon to launch a revenge attack!
·  What are Events?
Events are levels that are only available for a limited time, but provide valuable rewards! Check the Events map pin!
·  Why do Events disappear?
Events only last for a limited time! Keep an eye on their timer and make sure you finish them before they disappear!
·  Who are the Church?
The Church is a term used in the wastes to refer to the Congregation for the Establishment of Ascendant Humanity. A small cult in the old world, their followers exploded when their doomsday prediction fell on the same day the U.S. declared a state of national emergency. The date that is widely regarded as the beginning of the Anarchy. Their doctrine stated that once the end times came, demons would climb into the vessels vacated by humanity and corrupt the earth. The disciples of The Church are not inherently violent, but they do have a tendency to try and inadvertently aid people in shedding their vessel (dying). This is referred to as their Great Duty, that disciples must remain behind in hell to help the lost reach paradise.
·  I've lost my progress! What can I do?
If you connected to Facebook or Game Center in the game, your progress will be saved! Wait 2 minutes and start Zombie Anarchy again. If the issue persists, please contact Customer Care.
·  What is Food? How do I get more?
Food represents any and all foodstuffs the Survivors collect while scavenging. Food is most commonly used for upgrading survivors. The most common ways to get more Food are by attacking player or zombie camps and by collecting it from the Hydroponics in your camp.
·  What is Gas? How do I get more?
Gas represents the precious fossil fuels the Survivors collect while scavenging. Gas only becomes available later in the game and is most commonly used for upgrading higher-level buildings. The most common ways to get more Gas are by attacking player or zombie camps or collecting it from the Refinery in your camp once you can build it.
·  My storage is full! How can I store more Salvage/Food/Gas?
Build or upgrade your Salvage Sheds to store more Salvage. Build or upgrade your Canneries to store more Food. Build or upgrade your Gas Depots.
·  What are Bloodstones? How do I get more?
Bloodstones are a very valuable material harvested from the Afflicted. It can be used to purchase almost anything in Zombie Anarchy. You can get more Bloodstones by killing zombies outside your camp, completing Bounty Quests, playing Zombie Hunt, as a Daily Login Bonus, or watching ads in the cinema. Bloodstones can also be purchased with real-world currency by tapping the icon next to its counter.
·  I purchased Bloodstones and didn't receive them. What should I do?
On rare occasions, it may take a short period of time for your Bloodstones to arrive. Wait for a few minutes and if you still haven't received your Bloodstones, please contact Customer Care.
·  Can I purchase more Salvage/Food/Gas?
If you try to make a purchase and you do not have the required resources, you will be given the option to purchase the missing resources with Bloodstones.
·  Can I purchase upgrade materials?
If you try to purchase an upgrade for a building or survivor and you do not have the required materials, you will be given the option to purchase the missing materials with Bloodstones.
·  How do I increase my player level?
You increase your player level by earning XP. Earn more XP by constructing and upgrading buildings and completing quests.
·  Is there a maximum player level?
The current maximum player level is 20.
·  What is Salvage? How do I get more?
Salvage represents the various useful materials the Survivors collect while scavenging. Salvage is most commonly used for constructing and upgrading buildings. The most common ways to get more Salvage are by attacking player or zombie camps, or collecting it from the Recycler in your camp.
·  I keep getting an error message when naming my camp!
Your name (or part of it) may contain inappropriate language or invalid terms. Please try entering a different name.
·  How do I change my sound settings?
When in the camp or on the map, tap the settings icon. You can then move the Music, SFX and Voice-Over Volume sliders to your desired settings.
·  How do I change languages?
When in the camp or on the map, tap the settings icon. Then, tap the Language icon. You can now select your desired language.
·  How do I connect to Facebook?
When in the camp or on the map, tap the settings icon. Then, tap the Social icon. You can now tap the Connect icon to connect to Facebook.
·  Do I need to be connected to the Internet to play Zombie Anarchy?
Yes, you must have an active Internet connection to play Zombie Anarchy.
·  My game is crashing. What can I do?
Please ensure that you have the latest updates for your device and Zombie Anarchy. Otherwise, wait for 2 minutes and start Zombie Anarchy again. If this fails, make sure you are connected to Facebook or Game Center, then try deleting and reinstalling Zombie Anarchy. Don't worry; your progress will be saved if you're connected to Facebook or Game Center. If the issue persists, please contact Customer Care.
·  Can I play across multiple devices?
Yes! Connecting to Facebook or Game Center allows you to continue playing on a different device.
·  I'm connected to the Internet, but the game doesn't think I am!
In rare circumstances, the game may not detect your Internet connection. Force-close the Zombie Anarchy app, ensure that you are connected to the Internet and launch Zombie Anarchy again.
·  How do I enable/disable push notifications?
To adjust your push notifications or to turn them off, you will need to do so through the notifications settings for the Zombie Anarchy app on your device.
·  How can I change the name of my camp?
When in the camp, tap the name of the camp in the top-left corner. This will let you rename your camp.
·  I can't upgrade my HQ?!
You need to raise your player level. Tap the HQ, then tap upgrade. It should say the player level you need to be to upgrade the HQ at the bottom of the screen.
·  How do I build a new building?
When in the camp, tap the build icon in the bottom-left corner. In the build menu, there are 3 tabs on the left with different structure types to build. Find the structure you would like to build and tap the build icon underneath. You will now be back in the camp with your new structure visible. Tap and drag it to where you would like to build it, then tap the green tick icon. Your new building will be ready soon!
·  If my Survivors run out of health, are they gone forever?
No! If a survivor runs out of health, they will become Afflicted and be unavailable until they are healed back to full health.
·  How do I heal my Survivors?
If any of your survivors have taken damage, there will be a healing button in the bottom-right corner if you're in the camp or on the map. Tap the heal icon and you will be provided with options to heal your survivors. On the Scout screen, if you go to the team selection screen, you also have the option to watch an ad to restore some of a survivor's health.
·  I can't attack using one of my Survivors.
They more than likely had their health reduced to 0 and have become Afflicted. Once the survivor has been returned to full health, they will be able to attack again! Also, if you are playing a level for a quest, there is a good chance that the quest needs you to take certain survivors with you.
·  What are survivor abilities?
Abilities are special powers that are unique to each survivor. They can use their abilities during attacks to help turn the battle in their favor. Use them wisely, though; using an ability requires focus and each time you use an ability during an attack, the focus cost increases. Focus costs will reset between attacks.
·  How do I upgrade my survivors?
When in the camp, tap on the Shelter. Tap the survivors icon, then swipe through the survivors to select the one you want to upgrade. Tap the upgrade icon to upgrade the selected survivor. You may need to collect more resources if you don't have enough to upgrade!
·  What are Recruits? How do I get more of them?
Recruits are weaker units that accompany their survivors when attacking. Each survivor brings a certain kind of recruit to an attack: Slugger, Gunner or Sniper. Recruits are fully replenished between attacks. Level up your survivors to unlock more recruits; the higher the survivor's level, the more recruits they will bring with them.
·  What are the differences between the Recruits?
Sluggers will attack the nearest target with a melee attack, they also have the most health of all the Recruits. Gunners are fast and will try to destroy all resource structures in the area with a short-range attack. Snipers will try to destroy all special Afflicted in the area with a long-range attack.
·  How do I unlock the survivor with the bow (Rosie)?
Rosie will become available to unlock in a unique event. Keep an eye out!
·  How do I unlock the survivor with the bone-saw spear (Sarah)?
Sarah is the 14th-day login reward! Keep coming back every day to unlock Sarah and her First Aid ability, which you can use to heal your survivors in the field!
·  How do I get more Survivors?
Each time you upgrade the Shelter, you will get another survivor! You can also unlock Sarah by playing the game for 2 weeks and collecting her as a login reward!
·  What happens when I've collected all the Daily Login Bonuses?
The old rewards will be replaced with a new set of rewards!
·  How do I move my buildings?
Tap on a building to select it. Then tap on the same building and drag. To stop moving the building, release. If you release and the building is in an invalid location, it will move back to the last valid location.
·  Can I remove buildings from my camp?
Sorry, you cannot do this at the moment.
·  How do I upgrade my buildings?
Tap the building you want to upgrade. Tap the green icon with the arrows. You should now be on the Upgrade screen for your chosen building. Now tap the green upgrade icon to start your upgrade. You may need to collect more resources if you don't have enough to upgrade!
·  What does the Instant icon on a building's Upgrade screen do?
The Instant icon on the Upgrade screen will use Bloodstones to instantly purchase all missing resources and skip the waiting time for constructing the chosen building. Essentially, it constructs the chosen building instantly!
·  How do I get more room to build?
You can get more building room by clearing out some of the vegetation (trees, shrubs, stumps) in the camp. Tap the vegetation you'd like to remove, then tap the green icon that appears to remove the vegetation at a cost of some Food. Note that all vegetation requires you to reach a certain HQ level before you can remove it!
·  The zombies outside the camp aren't dropping anything!
The zombies outside the camp will only drop a certain amount of resources within a 24-hour period. They'll have more gifts for you tomorrow!
·  What are the green signs that appear in front of buildings sometimes?
If you see a building with a green sign on the front, it means you have enough materials and salvage to upgrade it! What are you waiting for?
·  How do I collect my Daily Login Bonus?
If you are in the Camp, go to the Map. Once on the Map, tap the Daily Rewards icon. Tap on today's reward to collect it!
·  When does the Daily Login Bonus reset?
The Daily Login Bonus resets daily at 12:00 AM GMT.
·  What are quests?
Quests represent the ongoing story of Zombie Anarchy. Play them to uncover your camp's story and discover the secret behind the Anarchy! Quests also provide you with the XP you need to increase your player level.