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Update 49 - Impact on Game Mechanics

Sat Apr 03, 2021 10:27 pm
Somebody has to say this so I guess it had better be me - Update 49 has completely destroyed the core game mechanics and functional balance.  As a long-term SF player, I can confidently say that the state the game is in right now is the worst I have seen it. I appreciate that Arena, Outposts and multi-platform availability are important but if the game is no longer fun to play, it has no future.  We got into a similar situation the last time Special Ops (effectively the core of the game) was adjusted by GL and here we are again - Special Ops is currently lacking logic, integrated functionality, balance and the ability to make progress.  The player base is unhappy and there does not appear to be any informed management direction of what is going on ... there needs to be a fundamental reassessment of where SF is going and what it is intended to be when it gets there.  I suggest that as a first step in the right direction, Update 49 be withdrawn, refocused and re-delivered with less adverse influences and effective communication of the intent.  At present, it is not possible to determine what GL is trying to achieve and without knowing that we are unable to help, advise or participate usefully.
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Re: Update 49 - Impact on Game Mechanics

Mon Apr 05, 2021 12:44 pm
Just (mainly) a comment or two on the Spec Ops parts of your post.

Spec Ops are (also in my opinion) indeed the soul of the game - I call them "the engine room". The recent "re-balancing" of Spec Ops (ala UPD49) is (I agree) frustrating, but I don't think I have had enough time (yet) to cycle through all of the Spec Ops (over all 10 of the brackets in the 32 regions) to be in a position to draw conclusions enough to say that UPD49 needs to be pulled all together.

A few things in comment at this point in time, in my opinion:

1. It may take me many months (it did last time) to record every Spec Op's details and (more importantly) the frequency with which they tend to be made available - there looks (so far) to be more Spec Ops and less slots for them to appear in (per level) which means we will see some missions less. Some might call this nerfing (I call it dilution) but this is not yet proven to be worse (or better) than what we previously had so I'll bite my tongue. (Also, there's threads in the Community Guides section of the forums that only cover some of the old Spec Ops - similar information now needs to be developed to replace all of this work before "pounding the pavement" and seeing what farming these new Spec Ops yields).

2. Gameloft missed an opportunity to sort out (once and for all) the Spec Op duplicate names issue (let me know if you want a link to threads on this). This I find the most disappointing - the answer was right in front of them but instead of simplifying things they persisted with the unnecessary confusion (a common theme in some parts of the game).

3. It's going to be extremely difficult for anyone to get 200% Spec Op chance on level 10 missions (until the game grows more).

4. The changes in UPD49 seem to me like they are may be a "part 1 of 2" (for example: counters and perks have been adjusted and there are some new ones -  until we have new SMs with those new perks it's going to difficult to assess the overall impact).

5. Gameloft have already done some tweaking to this update and the Spec Ops bracketing.

Overall, I respect what you're saying and understand what you're getting at in your post, I just think (from my perspective):
A. I need a little more time to assess and measure before I conclude.
B. I think we're only seeing part of the picture here, not the whole story.

I haven't started recording all the Spec Ops yet (let alone their drop frequency once they go back into the pool in each level - a bigger task again). My procrastination this far is testament to my motivation being very low, at this point in time, in relation to this rather large task. If you (or anyone else reading this) have a complete list of all the Spec Ops (to help me get started) please feel free to post it here - I would be grateful for any help you could provide  ;) .

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